Simona Bonghez Speaker, trainer and consultant
Gogu at minced meat rolls

“Waiter, these minced meat rolls have eaten my mustard!” Gogu tried a subtle irony, but it was in vain.
“Would you like more mustard?”
“No, you didn’t get this”, answered Misu, spitefully. “It’s not the mustard, but the meat rolls. Take them back and put them a little bit more on the grill, as they are raw.”
“Coming back to our stuff, Gogu,” said Misu, turning back towards his friend while the waiter was taking the meat rolls away, appologising, “tell me what to do. Should I speak or not? Is it better for me to be honest or to protect myself? ‘Cause, after all, that’s what this whole situation is about.”

Adrian Abrudan Senior partner & research director
Internal Marketing(IM) – Growing up in Romania!

While for some of us the concept of internal marketing is something familiar the role of this marketing strategy is still highly underestimated in today's market. We propose a picture view in 5 phases on how the concept evolved and we also state that IM will constantly change as long as the world of business changes.


Radu Vunvulea Senior Software Engineer
Deep dive in clouds providers SLAs

In the era of cloud we are bombarded with different cloud services. New features of cloud providers are lunched every day and prices are dropping every month. In this moment the most known cloud providers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Looking over their services we will see SLAs (Service Level Agreement) that reach 99.9% availability, 99.95% availability or even 99.99% availability. This article will jump into cloud providers SLAs, trying to explain why the SLAs are so important, what are the benefits of them and last but not least how much money we could get back if a service goes down.

Peter Lawrey CEO @ Higher Frequency Trading Ltd
Java 8 Optional is not just for replacing a null value

In Java 8, you can return an Optional instead of return null; as you might do in Java 7.  This may or may not make a big difference depending on whether you tend to forget to check for null or whether you use static code analysis to check to nullalbe references. However, there is a more compelling case which is to treat Optional like a Stream with 0 or 1 values.

Răzvan Costa Business Analyst
Critical Thinking in Business Analysis

Five percent of the people think; Ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.
- Thomas A. Edison

In November 2014, a local IT company was the host of an event dedicated to Testers: Rapid Software Testing. At the end of this event, for a day, the speaker tackled a rare subject for the IT industry, but important for testers and analysts: Critical Thinking. The trainer of the event was Michael Bolton (not the singer!), a well-known figure in the Testing Industry. Although the event was directed towards Testers, some of the information regarding Critical Thinking applies to Business Analysts as well.

Sentiment Analysis and the complexity of online opinions

If you'd live in a world where your opinions matter, would you try to make a change? Without any doubt opinions are a constant presence in our day to day lives: suggestions, reviews, these are only a few of so many different ways to influence future decisions. In this era, when the multitude of options are choking you, opinions are the ones that can help you make a quick decision under the spotlight. But lets assume that we can evaluate everything by pros and cons, would our decisions be correct? Is it actually that simple?

Andrei Crăciun Mobile Developer @ Intel
IoT Flavor: Sensoriada

The world of software development has a lot of flavours and software developers prefer different flavours. In the world of Internet of Things (IoT) one the most important flavour is the one of SENSING. By adding a MOBILE flavour to any IoT product the solution becomes a very pleasant one. Even though sensing and mobile would be very enjoyable for the general users it is hard to find developers that would like both flavours. On one side we have volts, amperes, sensors, actuators and on the other side we have views, icons, lifecycles, uEx. Sensoriada creates a framework and defines a context that tries to fill the gap between these flavours with the only purpose of creating better applications and in the same time to allow developers to work with their favourite flavour.

Raluca Morariu Senior QA Engineer
Does a developer test? Does a tester code?

After being in the software industry for more than 9 years now I've pretty much done a little bit of everything. I was an intern that did testing in order to learn how to code, I was a software developer in a small firm and I did everything from the ground up, including database development, and now I am a QA engineer at Betfair. In my current role I am involved in functional testing with an emphasis on automation, continuous delivery and performance testing. When I started thinking about studying software development I never imagined what my path would be. But all the things that I've done have helped me become good at what I do now.

Alexandru Bolboacă Agile Coach and Trainer, with a focus on technical practices
@Mozaic Works
4 Ideas To Apply For Better Software Design

Software design is all the rage now. It looks like every year a few more design ideas appear. First there were the GoF design patterns. Now, MVC is the way to do web applications, while ideas like: domain driven design, ports and adapters, microservices see increase interest and adoption. I learned software design by doing, with a mentor who kept giving me very useful (and sometimes annoying) feedback. This was before I knew about design patterns, SOLID principles or TDD. Therefore, my understanding of design starts from the core laws of software design. That's why, when my colleagues or I work with developers, we teach them not only design patterns and SOLID principles, but also a way to think about design. Here are 4 ideas you should consider when you make a design decision (that is, every time you write a function, class or module) to get better software design:

Mursa Bogdan Software Developer @ Yardi
Non-invasive technological solutions applied to the medical field (Kinect)

It’s really amazing how much the role of technology has increased in the past 10 years. Nowadays, technology promises to bring an answer to many of our questions. If you ask yourself why, the answer is pretty obvious: we live in an age where we have to deal with and work with a huge quantity of data and the results must be fast and very accurate. The medical field is not an exception. Doctors and researchers start turning to technology for solutions in improving or replacing existing procedures. From blood analysis to brain surgery, everything is supervised and guided by software products or hardware devices specially created for this purpose.


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