Ioana Varga Expert bookkeeper Managing Partner @ A&I Consulting
2016 PFA Taxation

In the 35th issue of Today Software Magazine, we brought to your attention some of the fiscal changes likely to affect the taxation of income derived from independent activities, as outlined in the draft amendment of the Fiscal Code, currently under debate. Considering that after heated debates and reviews in the Parliament, the final version of the New Fiscal Code was eventually published on September 10, we will take this opportunity to resume the analysis of the changes and to draw some conclusions, pointing out how it could affect your 2016 budget. Although the final version of the Fiscal Code also refers to some changes effective from 2017, in our opinion it is premature to focus on them, given the obvious tendency to continuously revise and amend any statutory rule and regulation.

Stelian Burduhos Director @ Danube Conference Membru @ JCI Cluj
Let's talk about Cluj-Napoca's next 35 years

The development of cities as big as Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Constanta or Timisoara is no longer only about road infrastructure, new buildings and bigger shopping malls. The new workers are no longer the employees of the construction sector but the young programmers doing the "9 to 5" in IT companies.  With every application that controls the urban transportation and each software that allows online payments they are shaping the future of every town. While cities like Vienna already have a “Smart City Framework Strategy” in Romania the concept is still at the very beginning. 


Peter Lawrey CEO @ Higher Frequency Trading Ltd
Low latency FIX engine in Java

Chronicle FIX is our Low Latency FIX engine and database for Java. What makes it different is that it;

  • is designed for ultra low GC* in Java.
  • supports Strings and date times in a way which minimises garbage and overhead.
  • is customisable to include only the fields you expect.
  • uses optimisations normally used in binary parsers and generators such as reading/writing 4 or 8 bytes at a time to improve efficiency.
  • built on low latency persistence to minimise the latency of logging.
  • is optimised for low latency network cards such as Solarflare.

Monica Rațiu Marketing Specialist @ Altom
Become a better tester with BBST

Which is the last thing you’ve read in order to improve your testing knowledge? How do you exercise the necessary skills in your activity? Just as in other work fields, it is important for testers to be in continuous learning mode, in order to adapt to the new concepts that the technologic advance brings along, but also to improve their approaches, techniques and testing practices in a competitive environment. Change of perspectives is a daily routine in an environment that is constantly evolving, so professionals need to be up-to-date with paradigm changes that take place in their work field. 

Călin Biriș Marketing manager
Online Marketing Specialist Vs. Marketing Agency – Which is best for you

Online Marketing can’t be ignored anymore. Before making any purchase decision, the consumers are doing online research and are getting more informed than ever. Google did a market research and found out that 92% of the consumers turn to search engines when looking for a local business. So it is necessary for any company to have a good online presence.

Alexandra Banu Marketing & PR Responsible @ COS
Code for a space full of joy

At age 13, prodigy Richard Sheridan first came into contact with a computer. It was the moment he knew that he was going to spend his entire life programming. However, his experience in the software business taught him that for many employees, working in this industry meant endless hours of poorly coordinated projects, with unsatisfactory results. After almost thirty years, he decided it was time to find a better way.

Gabriela Sinka Map analyst @ Telenav

Mihai Iepure Software developer @ Telenav
OSM and Telenav: through the eyes of a Map Analyst

As you may already know, Telenav uses crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to bring to its customers one of the best navigation services out on the market. We have chosen the OSM model, because the edits are published every minute, resulting in maps that are often more detailed and more up to date than commercially available maps.

Cristina Vâjâean Research Specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees
How to increase our level of happiness

Who wouldn’t like to have: - Increased work performance;, - Stronger interpersonal relations; - Fewer negative psychological emotions; - A higher level of prosocial behaviors? All of the above is associated with an increased level of happiness. But how can we develop our level of happiness on the long run? We would like to share with you some suggestions taken from the dedicated literature.

Sergiu Indrie Software Engineer@iQuest
BDD by Cucumber

It seems a new test framework is gaining traction on the internet (especially in the Java area) reviving the concept of BDD. Cucumber is a software tool for running automated acceptance tests in a business-readable domain-specific language. BDD or Behavior-Driven Design, however, has been around for a while, the first articles and projects (JBehave and RSpec appearing in 2007. As mentioned on the site of the project, Cucumber is a rewriting of the previous two frameworks.

Andrada Demian Developer @ Betfair
API Design - A Case Study

Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder for a closed product/system to be successful and thus the need to expose an API. API (acronym for Application Programming Interface) clearly defines how the rest of the software world will interact with a software system (or component). An API brings positive advantages like scaling market reach, reduced time to market, flexibility and innovation. Without APIs we could argue that none of the important Web players like Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Twitter (just to name a few) would have been as big as they are today.

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