Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Today Software Magazine invites you to the second edition of Cluj IT Days 2014,

The IT Days event was organized last year by Today Software Magazine as an attempt to reunite almost all those involved in the development of the local IT community. All of them are animated, beyond the specific of the domain they are active in, by similar fundamental interests, namely maximum efficiency and supporting the local IT community. Setting some basic principles that should become guiding marks in the development of the local IT was one of the main goals targeted by the event.

Dan Suciu Director of Delivery
@3Pillar Global
With Smilestone at Imagine Cup 2014

Imagine Cup is an annual IT competition addressed to students worldwide. The competition is organized by Microsoft and its purpose is the development of software solutions which target the mankind’s most important problems and have real chances to become commercial soft products. We can say beyond any doubt that Imagine Cup is the most important competition of the kind, taking into consideration the number of countries and teams taking part, the quality of the developed solutions and, last but not least, the prizes offered.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview with Chris Heilmann from Mozilla

We had the pleasure to make an interview with Chris Heilmann, Principal Developer Evanghelist at Mozilla Developer Network, Londra. Chris will be one of the speakers at IMWorld 2014, www.imworld, 8-9 october, București. Can you tell for our readers a few words about Mozilla Corporation? Mozilla is a not-for-profit organisation to keep the web open and free. This does not only mean we build a browser and a mobile OS, but we take the user’s interest to heart. The web is there for everyone, everywhere and meant to make the world smaller and a better place to communicate with each other without having to worry about your privacy and security.

Sorina Mone Marketing manager
The dream of a Summer School came true: the Fortech hiSchool Training Program

Organizing practical courses for high school students was one of the first pillars of Fortech’s vision I became aware of after joining the company. This “dream” was kept on the company’s agenda until the conditions were favorable to make it real. The new main office opened up nice perspectives for initiatives that require a special logistic, dedicated people and well connected partners. With all these elements in place, the HR department and a team of passionate guys from Fortech, together with a group of teachers from “Avram Iancu” theoretical high school set the stage for the hiSchool Training program.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Invitation to the third edition of Gemini Solutions Foundry conference

Gemini Solutions group, together with Gemini Foundry Inc, organizes the third edition of the Foundry Conferences, on September 23rd 2014, in Bucharest, having Romain Lavault as a special guest, partner in Partech Ventures. This edition of the event brings to Bucharest a new important investor for the Romanian startups, while during the previous editions we had the opportunity to see Nicolas El Baze, Partech Ventures partner and Romain Niccoli, co-founder and CTO Criteo, one of the most important European startups.

Silviu Dumitrescu Line manager
JavaFX in Java Standard 8 Platform

I looked at my watch: 21.15. Outside it’s pitch dark. Autumn is coming. How long is it going to last? Enormously… till spring. For foggy cold days, for those who feel the need to study and perfect, I will bring a new topic to your attention, a topic I haven’t approached yet, JavaFX. My hope is to make this technology appeal to the magazine’s readers, as I consider it truly remarkable. I have written this article together with Diana Balan, Java Developer at Accesa, whom I thank a lot for the ideas and support.

Peter Krejcik Web Designer
@Yardi Rom
The advantages of using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

The use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are among the most important web design trends for 2014. It is recommended by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) since 2003, but it was underused due to partial support on Internet Explorer (IE). But things are changing today…  In my article I will briefly present the SVG concept and discuss the practical benefits of using SVG in web design.

Dan Danciu Software Architect
Continuous Delivery

Lately we all have been bombarded with everyone saying that we need to have continuous delivery and that we need to put the application quicker into production. And yes ...why not? Having the application put live into production ten times a day is cool. But then, why did it take us so much time? Continuous delivery was there from the very start of agile. It is in the first principle: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”

Florin Măguran Senior Java Developer
Fraud detection with Titan

The recent boost in online gambling means that there will always be people who will try to bypass or completely avoid regular business behaviour and they will then use this in their advantage. I’m talking mainly about impersonification, taking unfair advantage of promotions, syndicates or just trying to find a leak in the system business flow. Working at Betfair taught me that when you develop broad spectrum applications, you need to put that 10% (or more) extra care in order to secure your application. However, this often proves that it’s not enough and you need to take steps in order to mitigate fraudsters.

Pragmatism in programming

Pragmatism, as a term, refers to treating a task in a manner that focuses on the practical aspect of the approach, to maximize efficiency. In the field of programming, this term refers to the “best practices” of programming. These often refer to writing clean code and managing the code in a manner as efficient as possible, to make it easily understandable, by the person that writes the code, and by the people that will read the code in the future. The present article will present a series of ideas, with the purpose of improving the way we write our code, and the way we handle the projects given to us.


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