Ovidiu Deac Software consultant
Unconference: ITAKE

A few weeks ago, I received from Ovidiu Matan the invitation to participate, from TSM, in I.T.A.K.E. I had been waiting for this event since autumn, ever since I had a conversation during IT Days with Alex Bolboaca about the "unconference" concept, which I found very interesting. I admit having been a little reserved, given the fact that a "Software craftsmanship" conference had been announced, a movement I do not really resonate with. However, in the program, there were also a few presentations regarding functional programming, and I was hoping to meet more people interested in this subject. Therefore, I didn't hesitate and I accepted immediately.


Radu Butnaru Senior Developer @ SDL
Fault-Tolerant Microservices with Netflix Hystrix

This is our second article on patterns for Microservices based systems. See also our previous article on (Micro)service Discovery using Netflix Eureka. This article introduces Hystrix, an open-source Java library from Netflix. Hystrix is a production-ready implementation of the Circuit Breaker - pattern for reducing the impact of failure and latency in distributed systems.

Alexandru Bolboacă Agile Coach and Trainer, with a focus on technical practices
@Mozaic Works
What Is Really TDD? (II)

Every once in a while, I have conversations with people about what really is TDD. Since I built a certain knowledge on the topic in time not only by using it but also by explaining it to others, I decided to write this article that details my definite view on what TDD is. I hope you’ll find it useful.

Adrian Bontea Software Craftsman
@Yardi Rom
Cone Architecture

"The universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is somehow present in the inner structure of our intellect." - Paul Valery. Clean Architecture is great! Let's try that again…Clean Architecture is beautiful! Clean Architecture is symmetric! Clean Architecture is natural! Clean Architecture should really be common sense! Clean Architecture is the structure that naturally emerges when truly applying DIP: "High level modules should not depend on low level modules. Both should depend on abstractions"

Călin Biriș Digital Director @ Loopaa
Techsylvania 2015 - On the Product Managers in IT

When I arrived to Techsylvania, at the Students’ Arts Center, everybody was still in the break between the panels, though I was a little late. I met some of my online colleagues and we exchanged a few words on the event. They appreciated a lot the quality of the content they had received in the two days and told me that their expectations had been exceeded.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Minimum Delightful Product - Interview with Rohan Chandran

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rohan Chandran on the topic of product management, during the second edition of the event dedicated to entrepreneurship, Techsylvania. The concept described in his presentation within the event is the Minimum Delightful Product, a subtle modification of the well-known concept of Minimum Viable Product, but one which has a great impact.

Gloria Csiszer Marketing Specialist @ Pitech+Plus
A retrospective of an alternative year at ACADEMY+PLUS

ACADEMY+PLUS is heading to a new generation of students. A year full of activities grew new talents and also grew the confidence of other stakeholders for the project. This revolutionary learning method for the IT industry, based on program aligned with the market needs, was launched last year in Cluj-Napoca by PITECH+PLUS, after signing a partnership with Ecole 42, from Paris. The main objective of this alternative learning method was to find clever minds that will create tomorrows IT products.


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