Călin-Vlad Gîngă Software developer
Dynamics of Agile Coaching

A few months ago, I participated in the Berlin Scrum Gathering organized by Scrum Alliance, where I discovered that there are many organizations which dedicate a lot of time to mentality change. They have adopted an agile mindset as an answer to a fast changing environment, with fast changing customer needs, in which a few lost moments can result in a lot of unnecessary work. When we talk about Agile, we talk about a mindset, about being able to react in time to change, about a group of methodologies based on incremental, iterative development and about close cooperation between team members with cross functional expertise.

Silviu Dumitrescu Line manager

Diana Bălan Java developer
JavaFX and RESTful Web Services communication

Following the article in the previous issue, we bring to your attention the creation of REST web services which interact with persistent data. To start with, we offer you an introduction into JAXB. Java Architecture for XML Binding is a Java standard which defines the way in which the Java objects are converted into and from XML. It uses a collection of standard mappings and defines an API for the reading and writing of Java objects in and from XML.


Liviu Ştefăniţă Baiu Senior Business Consultant
As a Business Analyst, I want to help the SCRUM team

BA responsibilities in an Agile environment in software development are a popular subject. In this article we will discuss a part of it, trying to answer the question: ‘How can a BA contribute to the delivery of a software project, in a SCRUM team?’. To narrow even more the subject of this article, we will discuss only about the way a BA can help the SCRUM team in an outsourcing software company. This niche allows us to ‘open the path’ for discussions, with the starting point described in this article.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
2014 overview and future plans for Today Software Magazine

2014 meant a period of maturation for our magazine, by the increase in the number and the quality of the published articles. In numbers, this was reflected in the increasing number of online loggings which has reached 7000 sessions per month and participants in the release events, which has gone up to an average of 70-80 attendants. The peak was reached in September, when the release event registered over 120 participants, and online during the IT Days period, when there were over 10,000 sessions per month.

Silviu Dumitrescu Line manager

Diana Bălan Java developer
JavaFX and RESTful Web Services communication

A client application can access remote distributed resources. There are several ways to access these resources, but maybe the most portable is that of web services. In this article, we will talk about the REST services (Representational State Transfer), self-descriptive, modern services, with a Java API which has an extraordinary evolution in the last versions of the Java Enterprise platform. We will start by discussing some architectural aspects which are part of the understanding of the components of a distributed application that uses the web services.

Tiberiu Cifor Engineering Manager
@3Pillar Global
Boosting Agile in distributed teams

As we all know, nowadays, one of the most widely used methods or manners of work in order to manage project teams is Agile. Agile can be successfully implemented by using Scrum (in my opinion, one of the most widespread approaches), Kanban or others. Everybody does Agile, everybody knows the Agile principles and everybody implements them. Due to the nature of my job, I have been through many projects, from the smallest ones to the biggest ones, from the easiest ones to some of the most difficult projects.

Alexandru Bolboacă Agile Coach and Trainer, with a focus on technical practices
@Mozaic Works
5 Tips for Useful Scrum Code Reviews

Every week, we, at Mozaic Works, in the product development team discover 2-3 potential bugs in the product we are developing during our code review sessions. This happens despite a very structured way of work and despite applying ATDD and Test First / TDD.
Yet developers and technical leads complain to us in the community or during coaching sessions and workshops about various aspects of code reviews. Here are some tips to make your Scrum Code Reviews more useful.

Simona Bonghez Speaker, trainer and consultant
Gogu and the alternatives game

“Well, finally…” Misu respired with ease seeing the name and especially Gogu’s face on the screen of his smartphone. But he hardly managed to say anything since the outpour of Gogu’s words broke out through the little device, as if the dam had given way:
“What has happened, goodman, to make you call like crazy?! Do you think I am blind and can’t see you called the first time? Who died? Has something exploded? ‘Cause I can’t possibly have a quiet day! Just one day, pal, that’s what I allowed myself to take off. On good grounds. One day! And you are calling me five times in one hour. Five! May thunder and lightning come over your phone anytime you reach for it again!. Or is it that you are suicidal and you want me to fix this problem for you, which would make me extremely happy right now…”

Cristian Raț Software Developer
@Yardi Rom
Large Scale Text Classification

In the past years, artificial intelligence has become the answer to many problems, such as detecting fraud and spam messages, classifying images, determining the topic of an article etc. With the rise in the number of internet users, the quantity of data that needs to be processed has also increased. Therefore, storing and processing data on one server has become too difficult, the best solution available being processing it within a distributed system.

Alexandru Albu Senior Developer
Converging Documentation in a multi-module software project: a Build Automation based approach

Software specification documents serve as reference manuals for user interface designers, programmers who write the code and testers who verify that the software works as intended. In a multi-module application, each component is developed and released individually. Keeping the documents up to date for each component is not easy because it is not only about writing, but also about centralizing all the documents, so they can be easily found by the interested people.


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