Alexandru Păcurar System Administrator @ Yardi România
Taming Hadoop

Big Data has become one of today’s most frequent buzzwords and the web is full of articles describing it and defining it. But behind all that hype, the paradigms imposed by this buzzword and the technology stacks that enable it, continue both to grow as exponents and as companies who adopt it. Speaking about Big Data and it’s technologies, we unequivocally have to speak about Hadoop, since it’s the cornerstone for all emerging Big Data technologies.


Irina Scarlat PR Manager
The CEE Innovators Community Meets this November at How to Web Conference 2015

1000+ tech professionals will get together on November 26 & 27 for the 6th edition of How to Web Conference, the most important event on tech innovation & entrepreneurship in South-Eastern Europe. They will meet some of the best & brightest minds in the region, listen to hands-on talks and practical case studies, and get to feel the vibe of the CEE startup ecosystem. The 4th edition of the Startup Spotlight competition and mentoring program will be organized in parallel, bringing together 32 promising startups that will compete for the USD 20.000 cash prizes offered by IXIA Romania.

Axente Paul Senior UX Engineer
@3Pillar Global
Taking responsive website to the next level

Responsive web design started three years ago when media queries made it to W3C’s recommended standard in June 2012. It was the most anticipated CSS feature at that time (the one that put responsive before web design) and it became a game changer that would open a door of endless possibilities for designers and developers alike. The most important trend that followed shortly after its introduction was mobile first.

Kovacs Zsolt Mobile Applications Capability Group Lead
Connected Home - Challenges In The Field And What’s Next

Smart Home is one of the most popular Internet of Things (IoT) use-cases in the consumer space and with a lot of exposure to the software engineers due to the increasing number of product manufacturers that are forced to offer value-added services to keep up with competition. Smart Home is more than Home Automation: it adds Broadband, Entertainment Energy optimization, Health and Security on top of Automation. As an important player in the field of IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT), Accenture has already a major contribution in Smart Home domain offering end-to-end solutions and platforms to its customers, under the name of Connected Home.

Radu Murzea PHP Developer
PHP 7 – A look at the future

The PHP language started as a simple collection of C binaries used for maintaining a simple web page. Today, PHP runs on millions of webservers and is ranked very high on the list of the most popular programming languages in the world . Its most intense growth of popularity happened in the first half of the 2000s, followed by an accelerated development and maturing process of tools and frameworks of this ecosystem.

Peter Lawrey CEO @ Higher Frequency Trading Ltd
An introduction to optimising a hashing strategy

The strategy that’s used for hashing keys, can have a direct impact on the performance of a hashed collections such as a HashMap or HashSet. The built-in hashing functions are designed to be generic and work well in a wide range of use cases.  Can we do better, especially if you have a good idea of the use case?

Ana-Maria Trifan PR & Customer Care Specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees
How can we communicate effectively with our colleagues?

It would be simple if people, just like any gadget, would come with an instruction manual which could tell us how to approach them and how to interact with them. Sadly, or luckily, we know that this will never happen, which only adds more mystery to a person. In regards to communication though, there is a solution we can approach: behavioral styles. Each person's character can be attributed to one of these styles, so it is really important for us to know what to expect and how to best communicate with that person.

Angela Lepădatu Marketing Professional @ Buy & Help
Data Security in the era of Cloud Computing

When it comes to personal or corporate data security, generally we think about using an antivirus and avoiding navigation on websites which are likely to have viruses. It is not wrong to do so, but the context in which we use data and the evolution of technology have determined the emergence of new threats. If, in the past, the most frequent cause for a data breach was an external attack, today, the weakest link is represented by the members of the organization and the information owners, through the accidental and rarely intentional errors. The consequences can be disastrous, from loss of customers’ confidence, image prejudices, to data breach remediation costs and downtime, etc.

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