Leonard Abu-Saa System Architect
Software Architecture for developers

Software architecture plays a very important role in the delivery of successful software systems, yet it is being neglected by many teams. The software architecture role exists in every team. However, most of the time, the “architecture” reflects wishful thinking rather than reality. Many teams think that they do not need software architects, because they can “self-organize”. Many teams throw around words like “YAGNI”, “evolutionary architecture” and “emergent design”. Being agile has many benefits, but it does not discard the responsibility of having just enough upfront design.

Grațian Cuțulescu Senior Software Engineer @3PillarGlobal
Building backend apps with Google App Engine, Google Cloud Endpoints & Android Studio

The world we live in today is dominated by technology. You wouldn't be able to walk a couple of meters without noticing someone making use of some sort of technology. Technology has become pervasive and mobile applications are just one small part of this complex system. In order to deliver meaningful features, most mobile applications need some kind of backend system.


Roxana Soporan Tester @ISDC
Time management and Energy management in testing

At least once in our lifetime, while working in IT, we have read an article or a book where “time management” or “energy management” were mentioned, or at least used a planner to organize, prioritize and plan the tasks. Time management and Energy management are not new concepts, but they still influence our daily lives.

Romulus Bucur Team Manager .NET Department @Siemens
“Legacy code” and the ways in which developers can overcome current limitations

The development lifecycle of software products is driven by the customers’ business needs. Software providers offer specific solutions that match customers’ needs, solutions which are correlated with the instruction level developers have and the technologies available on the market. New technological enhancements determine a quick deterioration rate for products. A product can become obsolete from the point of view of the technology it uses. Even if the business functionality corresponds to customers’ needs, the used technology may no longer reflect current demands.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Supporters of IT communities in Cluj

This study began out of the need to discover the degree of involvement IT Cluj companies show when organising and supporting events for the local IT community. The main IT events in Cluj and the monthly activity of the TSM magazine were taken into account. Cluj is well-represented, at a national level, from the point of view of the events it hosts. Bucharest is the only city which surpass Cluj from this viewpoint. The selection of events took into account the number of participants for each event.

Claudiu Demian Systems Administrator
@Yardi România
Managing Accidents and Guilt in the DevOps Culture

Accidents are unwanted, unpredictable events. However, they are sure to occur from time to time. As a system becomes more and more complex, the probability that it will crash or that the people using it will make mistakes also increases. The way in which we respond to this kind of crises has a major impact on the organizational culture, and on the team and the company’s performance.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview with Robbert Visser about SkinVision

My resume is actually not complete, looking at your question, but this is also not something of interest to me. Doing the things in life that I really like and believe in makes it more manageable. Over the years, I learned that, if you don’t really believe in something, it gets very hard to do that particular thing. This is most likely a formula for failure. Besides that, it is just a matter of working hard and going forward. 

Vlad Ciurca Product Guy. Tech Events Producer. Connector
Techsylvania Levels Up

During the 4 days of Techsylvania that is starting 21st of May until 24th of May in Cluj-Napoca, participants can test and win 10 of the best technologies from smart living, security and health, such as Danalock, the device that gives preferential access into homes; Nest Cam, a 130 degrees camera for home use; Sense, the sleeping monitor and many more gadgets that make the life easier and better. In other words, IoT Village will be a spot in the event venue where people will be able to experience how a digitalized home might look like.

Marius Span Senior developer @Betfair
On Counting and Counters: QoS – Quality of Service

You just launched an application on the market, all champagnes start popping, everybody is happy. The DevOps come to see you the next day. Nothing is pink anymore. The application stopped several times during the night due to overload. To make things even more complicated, they cannot identify the reason why the application crashed. 


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