Issue 28

Editorial 28

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

A lot of people think that IT is generally comfortable and that it does not narrow down your creativity. The statement is entirely true if we look at it from the perspective of the fact that the employees in this domain can dedicate their time to improving or developing some new applications, whether they are outsourcing or their own. However, the IT ecosystem must be permanently monitored and subjected to an effort of improving the balance between its component parts. Cluj IT Cluster or individual persons have already become aware of this effort. In this respect, we mention Mirel Borodi’s initiative of proposing a law which could bring the development of crowdsourcing financing under regulation. I also recall from the media another proposal regarding the settlement of the business angels type of financing. All these initiatives can bring their contribution to the creation of a favourable climate for putting into practice and developing some innovative local projects. As a matter of fact, you can read in this issue about the first success of a local company, TinTang, which got international validation and support by posting their project on Indiegogo. We cannot talk about initiatives without mentioning the launching in the private environment of two educational projects. I am talking about Simplon the school preparing the future web developers and entrepreneurs within 6 months, as well as Academy+Plus plus designed by Pitech+Plus in collaboration with Ecole 42 from Paris. This second project which aims at developing young programmers unfolds over a period of three years.

We have noticed in Cluj, lately, an evolution of the local companies in respect to the transformation of the working place into one which also offers, besides the purely practical advantages, those of illustrating the specific identity of each company. We welcome this movement, which has been accelerated in 2014 by moving into new headquarters that have facilitated this representation. As a matter of fact, in the last few months we had our monthly release events within such new headquarters. The trend will go on for all the release events scheduled until the end of the year.

Let’s have a review of the articles in this issue. We begin, of course, with IT Days 2014, the annual event organized by Today Software Magazine, whose agenda is now complete. For registration, we invite you to itdays.ro. What makes you go further? presents the initiative of Accesa TechLeague, which invites you to a workshop led by Florian Ivan. We go on with invitations to take part in How To Web 2014 and Starcelerate. Build for fun @ FedexDay presents the idea of a company from Cluj to stimulate creative projects and introduce them in production. Among the technical articles, we suggest the book review Haskell Data Analysis Cookbook, Clean Code- Comments and Formatting, vNext: The Future Trend of .NET Applications or Websockets – http on steroids. We also invite you to read a new article from the JavaFX series: Concurrency and Data Binding in JavaFX.

Finally, I would like to thank the SubSign agency for the new site design of the magazine and my colleague Dan Hadarau, the web magician who has fascinated us with his talent in the implementation of the new site. Thank you !!!




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