Issue 31

2014 overview and future plans for Today Software Magazine

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

2014 meant a period of maturation for our magazine, by the increase in the number and the quality of the published articles. In numbers, this was reflected in the increasing number of online loggings which has reached 7000 sessions per month and participants in the release events, which has gone up to an average of 70-80 attendants. The peak was reached in September, when the release event registered over 120 participants, and online during the IT Days period, when there were over 10,000 sessions per month.

www.todaysoftmag.ro - 2014 (romanian)

www.todaysoftmag.com - 2014 (english)

Over the year, the events for releasing the magazine were not limited to the ones in Cluj. We met the readers of our magazine in Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi, Targu Mures. These events were hosted by the sponsors of the magazine but also organized together with our colleagues from Gemini Foundry or Cluj IT Cluster. We enjoyed a wonderful audience and we promise to come back. In Cluj, the release events were hosted, as always, by the sponsors of the magazine. A thing of novelty is the multitude of newly inaugurated headquarters and the release of the magazine represented a good opportunity to present the new space to the local IT community.

The main novelty in 2014 was the 100% change of our online image, by launching the new site. The visual identity of the magazine was adjusted to the current trends in design, and the back-end part was completely rewritten, including the administration part. It was an exercise of professionalism in the domain, carried out with the help of Gemini Solutions and the Subsign design agency.

The year was concluded under the umbrella of IT Days, where we had over 200 participants. I will not go into details, since I enlarged upon it in the last issue of the magazine. I would only like to mention that during the three days, if we are to also take into consideration the two workshops, we enjoyed exceptional presentations and a friendly environment.

Projects for 2015

The Today Software Magazine member card

We are talking about the TSM card, an idea that appeared a long time ago, but which has only now materialized into a concrete offer. The TSM card addresses the active members of the Romanian IT community, those who wish to constantly improve their knowledge in the domain, to whom TSM can bring a plus of information and even more, on monthly bases. To be more specific, the TSM card offers you:

The printed magazine – It will be delivered monthly, during the entire year, to the address you specify, through the Romanian Post Office. It is a comfortable way to ensure some quality reading every month through the printed magazine. As a matter of fact, the printed magazine will be available exclusively to the TSM members and to those who participate in the release events and partner events where it is given away.

The launching price of this card is 300 RON + VAT/ year and you will be able to order it online soon or, beginning from today, if you send us an e-mail to the address card@todaysoftmag.com. By purchasing this card you show, at the same time, your support for Today Software Magazine and its projects.

The job page

In February, we are going to launch a new project. It is a job page, which will be available only online, with a separate link from the main page. Thus, we are trying to support the very dynamic It market, by quality adds which will be oriented towards its needs in a friendlier way than the currently existing solutions. We hereby encourage startups also, through a section dedicated to them and a low price for advertisement publishing. The page will evolve in the future and we are thinking about re-publishing the online calendar and a new section dedicated to trainings.

We hope to have made you curious and we are waiting for you online, in the release events, to become TSM members and maybe even follow the future job page.



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