Issue 33

The First IT&C Cluster in Bucharest, Different Angle, is being officially launched

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

March 26th 2015, Sky Tower, Bucharest - the official launching of the first IT&C Cluster in Bucharest, Different Angle, also coincides with the announcement of the first domain of common interest promoted by the members of the new organization: Smart Cities.

Starting from the premise that modern, intelligent cities are able to ensure a comfortable and sustainable environment for their inhabitants through the efficient usage of the available technology, Different Angle Cluster has invited three genuine "ambassadors" of the concept of Smart Cities to the launching event.

Thus, the event benefits from the presence of Prof. Dr. Sorin Cotofana from the Technical University of Delft, Holland; Chrysses Nicolaides - Founder of the Mediterranean Smart Cities Cluster and Giora Levi - CEO, Alvarion.


The case studies presented by them focus on practical implementations of the basic principles of Smart Cities in domains such as:

Initiated by the eleven member companies - consultancy and IT&C companies having over fifteen years of experience on the market, the Different Angle Cluster aims to rethink and stimulate the typical forms of collaboration.

The medium and long term goals of the Different Angle Cluster consist in: improving the efficiency of the IT&C local potential, the knowledge transfer between the academic environment and the private one, reducing the shortage of specialized working force in the IT&C domain in Bucharest.

The Different Angle Cluster is formed of the following companies: Econo-heat, eSolutions Grup, Evolva Trend Consultant, Gemini Solutions, GreenTree Applications, Lasper Human Development, Nemetschek România Sales&Support, Power Net Consulting, Qualitance, RezolvIT, Tremend.






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