Issue 36

Editorial 36 en

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

We are getting ready for our holidays and our thoughts are already flying towards the sunny beaches or the shadeful mountains. We are going to get away from the daily rush and maybe the moments of relaxation will also give us the opportunity of a fresher and newer perspective on the things that surround us. Maybe we will have the chance of some flashes of inspiration, when we may be surprised that in the game of imagination might also enter the most whimsical abstractions and ideas. That is because, no matter how hard we try, we cannot totally free ourselves from our professional side - even though we are on vacation - these ideas can materialize into original software or hardware projects. Most of the times, you don't believe that these projects can be realized immediately or you have doubts that they can be put into practice. That is why I invite you to send them to the address idei@todaysoftmag.com, in order to discuss and analyze them. We will even try to lay the foundation of a mini-community, which will be formed by those who send such ideas and projects.

Techsylvania 2015, which took place in Cluj, has reached its second edition. We hereby wish to congratulate the organizers on the progress made compared to the last year's conference, by enhancing the quality of the speakers, extending the event on two days and attracting a much higher number of participants. As the end of May and the beginning of June were full of events, in this number you can find a series of reviews on them, under titles such as: Unconference:ITAKE, JSCamp 2015, Techsylvania 2015 - On the Product Managers in IT, The Retrospective of a Year in the Academy Plus. Taking advantage of the Techsylvania 2015 event, I carried out an interesting interview that you can find in the magazine under the title: Minimim Delightful Product - Interview with Rohan Chandran. In regard to the technical articles, we would like to mention Conic Architecture - an alternative to using the Layers pattern. Still in the area of software architecture, we propose Model Driven Design - from theory to practice. From the programming area, we have published in this issue Fault-Tolerant Microservices with Netflix Hystrix and a first article on IoT: IoT Applications with Java ME Embedded 8. We let you discover the rest of the articles of this issue and we hope you will enjoy reading them!




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