Issue 50

Editorial no. 50

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

In the professional path of every developer, tester or manager, performance is an important milestone which may make fellow colleagues feel slightly afraid. In order to become very good in a field and achieve performance, we must consider several factors. Some of these factors are the psychological profile of the individual, his education and his work environment. How can we value performance once it is achieved? Is it achieved only for prestige and personal fame? Do we also consider other goals which go beyond personal one? A positive answer to the last question automatically entails the awareness that performance must be shown. What is the use of developers being good at Spark and Y, in SQL, if their skill is not known or not properly put to the test? Therefore, we must seize every opportunity that enables us to make our performance visible. Attending events as speakers or writing papers and books are among the best opportunities. Unfortunately, at the moment, developers do too little to make this happen, and, if challenged to deliver a presentation, even within the company, they turn down the invitation. The advantages are numerous; a better reputation, the possibility to become better especially through the feedback received and the challenge to present something at least as interesting the next time. My advice is for you to accept challenges and, if you want to write a technical paper, the TSM editorial board can help you out with advice and suggestions. And since we tackled presentation delivery, I am proud to present the fourth edition of Cluj IT Days, the major annual event organized by Today Software Magazine. This year, we will have three parallel tracks, for the duration of two days. These will features Romanian products or products developed locally, and will cover topics such as: management, testing, machine learning and Big Data, start-ups, research, workshops, and, of course, many presentations. More details can be found at www.itdays.ro. Because many people have recently manifested a high interest in the printed version of Today Software Magazine, I am happy to announce that the printed copies will be available for sale, starting with this issue, at Cărturești. This is something we are passionate about, and, through this magazine, we would like to offer all IT enthusiasts out there a chance to leaf through the issue and take it home with them. Coming back to this anniversary issue – no. 50, we would like to briefly present the featured papers. We begin with Sustainable principles for Smart City solutions, a manifesto of Cluj IT Days which aims at highlighting the implementations of the Smart City concept in Romania. We invite you to a challenge: Walking Month – How can you transform walking into good deeds?. The challenges of a team leader who wants a productive team are numerous, but they are all listed and analyzed in Hyper-productive Teams. Productivity is the topic of How can we apply a skill acquisition model in software testing? which introduces the Dreyfus model. We continue with two DevOps papers focusing on Microsoft technologies: Overview of Azure CDN and Dev Challenges/Tests for complex Enterprise environments and possible solution in Microsoft Azure. An important characteristic of the human brain is the possibility to forget in order to learn new things. This topic is featured in Learning to forget data, an interesting paper from the point of view of the analogies between the neurologic domain and the virtual world domain. We end our overview with Peter Lawrey’s (heritage guest speaker at Cluj IT Days) opinions on Modelling Microservice Patterns in Code.




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