Issue 53

Startups - November 2016 edition

Mircea Vădan
Managing Partner @ Activize Cofounder @ClujStartups

In this issue, I will focus on a different ecosystem. I am writing this text while I am in Chișinău for a few startup events and workshops. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and energy of the people there. Aware of their economic and political situation, they are hungry to improve, to grow the ecosystem, knowing that technology is a ladder that can take them to the next level, just like us, in Romania, some years ago. There are more than 15 supporting organisations, events or coworking spaces which contribute to this growth and we will see successful examples soon for sure.


Retently helps you efficiently measure customer satisfaction, collect valuable client feedback that you can act on, prevent customer churn and turn detractors into promoters. It does this by sending a Net Promoter Score survey to your clients, and by gathering, analyzing and acting on the received customer feedback.


StockControl develops warehouse management systems that help optimize small warehouse processes with an online solution. Our software handles processes of diverse complexity, starting from warehouse manual solution to fully automatic shuttle systems.

The Bat!

The Bat! is a secure email client software, built to protect your correspondence against third-parties. The Bat! protects your information through multiple encryption streams with the option to encrypt your emails on a disk, during communication, through an SSL/TLS connection. Free from global email providers that keep your messages in the cloud, and free from Web clients, The Bat! ensures your data stays private.

AVO app

AVO app – This is a convenient and inexpensive method to cut roaming costs. AVO allows you to make calls to your regular number without paying for the roaming. In order to make or accept a call, you have to use a local SIM card with a 3G/4G connection or connect to the internet using the free Wi-Fi at your hotel or your café.



  • Accenture
  • Bosch
  • ntt data
  • Betfair
  • FlowTraders
  • MHP
  • Connatix
  • BoatyardX
  • metro.digital
  • Colors in projects