Issue 54

Startups - december edition

Mircea Vădan
Managing Partner @ Activize Cofounder @ClujStartups

Given this month’s topic, Internet of Things, I’ll focus on the startups in this area. Doing an IoT startup proves to be much more difficult than a purely software one. This doesn’t seem to stop founders, but it pushes them to be more realistic and more clear about their customers and the problems they solve for them. Statistically speaking, last year has seen a boom in IoT and hardware startups in Romania, even if it takes more time to finalize the product and sell it.


BuddyGuard makes homes safe with Flare, an easy and intelligent home security system in a single device. FLARE recognizes faces, dangerous sounds and notifies responders in case of an alarm.


Tracko is a new product by Onyx Beacon, which aims at tracking your assets on the go, using beacons & mobile technology. This is an integrated RTLS solution for location intelligence and inventory positioning, suitable both for indoor and outdoor environments.

Smart Access Box

Smart Access Box is a solution (built by Parking+) which provides secured access to the private areas you share with others. It can be installed on top of your existing solution and you don’t have to worry about carrying a remote control a key or an access card ever again. It is all on your smartphone.

Surya Greenhouse

Surya Greenhouse is a system for automatic greenhouses which includes three modules: anti-theft, control and monitoring. It is controlled via mobile phone.


HiveInspector - brings you an ingenious way to change the way beekeepers monitor the beehives by providing a time-saving, cost-effective smart management and monitoring system.


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  • Betfair
  • Accenture
  • Siemens
  • Bosch
  • FlowTraders
  • MHP
  • Connatix
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