Issue 66

Misconceptions about software testing that I come across (and fight with)

Claudiu Draghia
Quality Manager @Capgemini

I have been a tester since 2004. I have taken many roles in 13 years but have always considered myself a tester. I have not seen it all, but I have seen a lot. I have been ecstatic when I found bugs that were on the verge of an insane check and terribly ashamed when I missed something that made using the product difficult or impossible in production. I have hidden away in my projects and company believing that I am a good tester I, and I have been on stage, in front of hundreds of people, expecting the one question that will make me realize how stupid my assumptions are.

I have also come across a lot of misconceptions about software testing. I am sure that you will agree with some of them, maybe dislike the way I say it, but I believe the testing craft is about sharing ideas and experiences and this is what I am doing. So here they are:

If you see any misconception about testing around you, do not stand aside. Fight it. Dispute it. Challenge it. As long as we say automated testing or use the term manual testing, we will be the ones to be blamed for letting this misconception become common understanding and knowledge.


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