Monica Petraru

Monica Petraru

Senior Business Analyst @UNIQA Raiffeisen Software Service

Transitioning from QA to BA

Dear fellow IT colleagues, I have thought many times about what interesting facts I would like to share with you from my professional experience and gladly, the answer was right in my face: depicting some stories about my life as a business analyst perhaps would offer you a priceless insight and support in your present-day work. As all of you can imagine, professional support is always taken into consideration all across the industry. Just by simply searching it on different engines (e.g. Google), the term „business analyst” emphasizes the fact that professionals in this field are in high demand.

Lean Six Sigma and Innovation Management

The idea of innovation is approached by numerous companies which focus on the optimization of their internal processes and finally on increasing the business value, adding the benefit of seeing their clients extremely satisfied with the products they offer. Lean Six Sigma, a relatively well-known approach for obtaining some excellent and efficient results, can help the executives of multinationals to discover new innovation opportunities beyond carrying out simple operations, to reach a high degree of productivity, a solid financial performance, as well as an inherent disposition towards innovation.

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