Andrei Cacio

Andrei Cacio

Web developer @Evozon

Introducing ironwingjs

In a few words, **ironwingjs** is a lightweight, framework-agnostic JavaScript library. **ironginwjs** is ment to be super easy to use and easy to integrate on any app. Out of the box it offers CRUD manipulation over a REST API interface. It all started as a simple necessity on a private project. We needed an easy way to asimilate a RESTful API and manage the data on the client. We didn't want to use a framework at the time. We just wanted a simple library without extra dependencies to achieve this. So we started writting a small implementation of our own. It turned out to be exactly what we needed for the task at hand. So... why not open source it?

Real time web with Meteor

Meteor is an open-source platform for a much faster creation of web applications, no matter the experience level of the programmer. The moment you start a new project or you want to write your own web application is usually followed by the question: “Which is the most appropriate framework for my application?” Each programmer will have already formed an opinion in this respect.

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