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Alexandra Casapu

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On testing, scientific discoveries and revolutions - An interview with Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton was in Cluj between 17-20 November as instructor for RST (Rapid Software Testing) and Critical Thinking courses. Before he continued his journey, Altom team stopped him for an interview to find out what some of his perspectives are on software testing and education in software testing, the link between testing and the scientific discovery process, as well as his opinion about testing communities and their role in potential revolutions in testing.

A way of testing software testing conferences

Two international, pretty known, software testing conferences that I participated in were EuroSTAR in 2012 and 2013(in Amsterdam and Gothenburg) and CAST in 2014(in New York). With the experience from CAST still fresh in mind, I reached the conclusion that participating in this sort of events is a good opportunity to have a beneficial experience. When I participate in such an event, the chances are that I am in a perimeter with a high density of people who are passionate about what they do, who like testing, who look for ways of improving their work, and who are open to share their experiences. The interaction with such people is in most cases valuable.

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