Sergiu Indrie

Sergiu Indrie

Software Engineer@iQuest

BDD by Cucumber

It seems a new test framework is gaining traction on the internet (especially in the Java area) reviving the concept of BDD. Cucumber is a software tool for running automated acceptance tests in a business-readable domain-specific language. BDD or Behavior-Driven Design, however, has been around for a while, the first articles and projects (JBehave and RSpec appearing in 2007. As mentioned on the site of the project, Cucumber is a rewriting of the previous two frameworks.

Machine Learning in Practice

I believe quality software is about making the user's life as easy as possible. Not by just executing the required job and doing it flawlessly and efficient, but also by simplifying the task without losing functionality. A lot of our everyday tasks could be made easier if our software were able to make suggestions, try to guess and automate some of our tasks. This is one of the use cases for machine learning techniques. In addition to this, applications such as web search engines, image and sound recognition, spam detection and many more are all using machine learning to solve problems that would otherwise be almost unsolvable.


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