Adrian Lupei

Adrian Lupei

Project Manager and Software Engineering Manager @Bitdefender

Agile or idle?

When we think of Agile, we think of individuals and the interaction between them, the functional software, the collaboration with customers and the responsiveness to change. These four values are the foundation of Agile methodologies! Values like „responsiveness to change” or adaptation must become a way of being even outside the world of the Agile manifesto. We have to become agile as an individual, team, organization or company.

Play „Hard Choices” in every sprint and pay your debts

Welcome to debt era! America owes about 16 trillion dollars and if you didn’t have the chance to go to New York’s Times Square you can see this debt directly online on sites like http://www.usdebtclock.org/. Is not a surprise to anyone that Europe is in a debt crisis and countries that excel in this chapter are Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal with almost 120 billion euros borrowed. Also Romania is affected by this crisis or participates in it with various political or economic actions. Thus, debt is everywhere! Do we need to pay the debt? When?

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