Gelu Vac

Gelu Vac

Software Engineering Manager @ Crossover

Architecture Description Languages

Architecture description languages (ADLs) are formal languages that can be used to represent the architecture of a software-intensive system. As architecture becomes a dominating theme in large system development, methods for unambiguously specifying architecture will become indispensable. By architecture, we mean the components that comprise a system, the behavioral specifications for those components, and the patterns and mechanisms for interactions among them. Note that a single system is usually composed of more than one type of component: modules, tasks, functions, etc. An architecture can choose the type of component most appropriate or informative to show, or it can include multiple views of the same system, each illustrating different componentry.

Essential frameworks in agility

Despite everybody’s good intentions, seemingly ignoring the effort invested and the relevance of the ideas thrown into the game, extremly lots of projects end-up creating products that nobody wants, nobody asked for and/or cannot possibly be sold. So, which might be the causes for such situations, considering that we live in an increasingly measured society, over-exposed to management processes and formal models, which practically guarantees minimum exposure to risk, from the success rate point of view?

Hyperspace in software development

There are over 700 programming languages and approximately 10 software development paradigms. How do we choose the programming language we use to implement a project? What are the evaluation criteria we use to decide the fate of our new project? What are the 700 programming language? Are these just reinterpretations of the same principle with slight syntactic differences? This is definitely not so. The answer we are looking for lies in the space of software development paradigms. Software development paradigms do not oppose each other. They are rather orthogonal.




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