Radu Olaru

Radu Olaru

Senior Software Developer @Small Footprint

HTML5: Web Sockets

If we think of the most important influence any protocol had over computer communications, it has to be HTTP. This protocol made possible the web we use daily which itself spawned revolution after revolution in these last years. The first web pages were mostly static, few having modest multimedia content. But after a while, complex applications started to emerge prompting developers to hunt and discover the new possibilities as well as the limits of the Internet at that time.

HTML5 - WebAudio API

These recent years have shown us that online applications push forward and forward the web limits. We might have all been edgy about web applications at some point. We hoped that at some point the world will calm down and see that the web cannot sustain complex applications and the whole Universe would return to normal. Big applications are for the desktop and web applications are just dreams of some Google enthusiasts. But then almost out of nowhere HTML5 arose. And HTML5 revolutionized not just the web of the big business applications, but also it opened wide the gates of multimedia applications on the web – especially games.

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