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Claudiu Anghel Project Manager
Can you be agile in fixed price projects?

The agile methodologies are more and more preferred by the software companies in a world where the functional requirements, driven by the dynamics of the market, are continuously changing and the reduced time to market has a significant importance in getting the desired final results. At the same time many companies in need of software products are not software development companies and operate in a market with time and cost constraints; the vast majority of these companies require the delivery of the software products under a fixed price project.

Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect
Background tasks Metro

The new operating system released by Microsoft has quite a few changes. One of these changes is the background tasks for Metro applications. Before talking about background tasks from Windows 8 we need to understand why they were introduced. Windows 8 appeared because of the necessity of the operating system to run on multiple types of devices. Besides those we are used to (desktop and laptop) more and more people have started using tablets. Even though in terms of CPU and memory they are becoming more powerful, the expectations we have from a tablet are different. Battery life is extremely important for a tablet.

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