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Inside view of GPS Navigation

The current article is an overview about the changes that occurred in the skobbler navigation app for iOS platform in time and the current features set, high level architecture and the innovations introduced with the 5.0 version, which is available on the App Store since December 2013. This product was first launched on the iOS market in October 2009. At that point in time, skobbler was the first one to use map data powered by OpenStreetMap, a small community of enthusiasts striving to change the whole approach on maps. The app delivered turn-by-turn navigation and audiovisual advisory, based on permanent internet connection.

Startup Weekend – Here and There

I don’t know about others, but for me America has always been the place where all the dreams come true. Making a short note, America for me is the whole North American continent, because since recently Canadian cities started to have a big contribution in the world of innovations. Out of curiosity; look for Innovation Center Mars in Toronto.

Claudia Dumitraș Android Developer
Android Design for all platforms

I would like to emphasize from the very beginning that this article does not bring anything new to Android programming, but it’s rather a synthesis of the information available through the Android system. One of the problems that the Android application developers face is launching an application that works correctly on all supported platforms.


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