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Iulian Moșneagu Senior Software Engineer
NEO4j Graph Database for highly connected data

Neo4j is an open-source database based on graph theory, an optimized solution to simulate and interrogate great amounts of interconnected data, represented by graph type structures. The dynamics, the increase in the amount of data, as well as the continuous evolution of information processing has entailed the breaking out of the traditional database area and the orientation towards NOSQL solutions.

Radu Popovici Software Engineer
Gemini Solutions Foundry

Lately, the Romanian entrepreneurs have had an increasing number of options to facilitate them in developing their business. Be they non-refundable funds, entrepreneurial communities and business incubators, all these programs are an irrefutable aid, especially during the first few steps of business development.

Florin Pîrlea General director
Cultural projects initiated by an IT company

Contemporary Cultural Identity Association (CCIA) was born in 2012, out of a desire to fight stereotypes associated with Romania and to show that we live in a normal country. Moreover, „natural” is the concept that NGO members often invoke in the discussions about the need for projects undertaken by them. Their approaches could be translated as an attempt to show that Romania is not the ‚different’country, where ‚everything is possible’, but a ‚natural’ and normal one.


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