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Ambrus Oszk Software Engineer
Qt: How I Came To Love C++

After so many nerves lost over all the quirks and twists and turns of C++ with OpenGL and MFC, working with C# or Java was like a breath of fresh air. But on a day of Irish rain and wind, in a dim cubicle in a corner of an office, along came Qt and a wonderful C++ world opened up, with new revelations ever since. After moving over to Qt, working with C++ became a joy again, and it is one of the environments I most dearly work in. Development is quite an experience, everything remaining native, fast and easily maintainable in the same time.

Gabriela Filipoiu Software Engineering Analyst
Why does it take you so long to finish a task?

Solving a task or reading an article from a magazine takes usually no more than a few minutes. Meanwhile, the chances to be disturbed are very high – either to check your phone, your email or your Facebook notifications. Additionally, if you are sitting in your office, your colleagues’ discussions about cars, football or fashion, might capture your attention. Even if you are trying to keep focus, you cannot refuse your colleague who kindly asks you for help. And this is how your focus is definitely lost. With all of these happening, your boss is still wondering why your task isn’t finished yet.

Denes Botond Software engineer
How to make the machine write the boring code

Have you ever had to write code for a lot of highly similar things, differing only in a few details? Have you ever wondered - while copy pasting code from one class to another, and another fifty more - why are you doing this repetitive, error prone and boring task instead of a machine? Machines are just fine doing this kind of work, why aren’t they doing it? In this article we will talk about how one can write a program which generates code based on an xml input file and flexible templates.




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