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Liviu Boar 2d/3d artist, animator
Time Dude, a cross mobile platform 3D game

Time dude is a full 3D flying shooter, game which appeared because a handful of enthusiastic people who also have a passion for gaming – artists and programmers – asked themselves “what if we created a game ourselves?” Helped by a powerful engine, professional software and bubbling over with high spirits, we started what seemed the simplest and funniest way to spend your time: shooting prehistoric cartoon people from a plane made of wood and straw. The game does not require previous experience with its type or any other game. All you have to do is fly your shuttle on the screen, by using only one finger. The story says that John Q.

Daniela Ferenczi UX designer, inițiator Lumy
Lumy.ro - usability testing

Lumy.ro is the first usability testing platform in Romania, launched by the REEA company – www.reea.net. It is for the first time in our country that the companies, but also the self-employed persons, have the possibility to find out the opinion of the users they are targeting through their web and mobile products. Following the tests, the platform will provide accurate information about the website or the Facebook application the developers have produced, even before launching it on the market.


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