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Adrian Bolboaca Programmer. Organizational and Technical Trainer and Coach
Fundamentals of Modern Software Architecture

This article aims at answering a set of core questions about software architecture, providing answers that come from modern software architecture thinking. Its inspiration came from:

  • Conversations with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Simon Brown
  • Architecting the eventrix.co product, running “Architectural Katas”
  • Countless conversations with architects and developers at international conferences
  • Conversations with participants to architecture workshops

Alexandru Bolboacă Agile Coach and Trainer, with a focus on technical practices
Software Craftsmanship

The Software Craftsmanship movement started in 2009, as a reaction to the idea that we can temporarily reduce the code quality to ship products faster. The promoters of the movement think exactly the opposite: to deliver products in time, even under pressure, we should improve the speed with which a programmer writes quality code. In the first case the users, customers and the company that produces software can suffer; users and customers due to the mistakes introduced in the applications (bugs), and the company due to medium term decrease of the production speed for new application versions and due to user dissatisfaction.

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