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Innovative solution for car lease sharing B2B & B2C

Making vehicles available to people who do not have access to this service is an idea which has been gaining momentum in Europe, ever since 1987. It was then that people started reevaluating the actual costs of owning a vehicle, compared to the actual time the vehicle is used, an approximate 8 days per year.  The car sharing market is available in more than 1000 cities, the following cities being representatives for Europe: Berlin, Munich and Vienna. We believe technology and innovation can improve the quality of life, and this vision permeates the projects we developed. Distributed mobility services do not bring benefits cost-wise, but they diminish the negative impact of personal cars on the environment. 

Alina Borbély Embedded QA Consultant @ NTT Data Romania
The psychological profile of the automotive tester

We are continuously innovating and changing the auto field. If, until 10 years ago, a full test cycle for a software product for the auto industry took 2 years, the test period is now considerably reduced in view of an ever-growing market and of fierce competition. We have more and more electronic equipment in our car, the auto autonomy is greater and greater, and the development and testing time is more and more reduced. Given all these aspects, how do we choose our staff, how do we select testers? How do we ensure that we deliver high-quality products?


Simona Pop Map Analyst @ Telenav
Quality Assurance process on turn restrictions using SQL

There are multiple automotive embedded systems one of which is the car navigation system. OpenStreetMap (OSM)-based GPS navigation apps are increasingly used as OSM is the only crowd-sourced and open-sourced global map. OSM is constantly improved by the worldwide OSM users, and by the map-analysts at Telenav. Therefore, the OSM permanently catches up with the changes from reality. Even though there are several map features that can be used when mapping, there are some tags specific to routing. By way of illustration, turn-restrictions, oneway roads, road name, signposts or road geometry are examples of map features that can influence routing.

Dr. Ionuț Muntean Senior Manager Innovation @ Bosch Engineering Center Cluj
Bye bye parking stress! Enjoy the Automated Valet Parking

James Bond doesn’t waste any time looking for parking spaces. In all the films, you see him getting out right in front of the hotel entrance or airport before throwing the car keys to a valet and continuing on his mission. Parking is just something other people do. Most drivers have had to do without a valet – but now that’s about to change.

Dan Sabadis Team Lead @ SDL
Introduction in .Net Multithreading Programming (II)

In the previous article we laid out the foundation of what multithreading is and described the pillar of asynchronous programming in .Net, namely the IAsyncResult interface. We also provided a brief history of the evolution of the .Net multithreading abstractization, starting with the Thread class and ending with the async-await pattern (and keywords). In this article we will elaborate on the topic, giving detailed .Net thread synchronization examples, focusing on the two modes the CPU is spending time, in any modern operating system: the user-mode and the kernel-mode. As usual, we start with the definitions.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine

This month, we will focus on some international startups which, we believe, can be a great source of inspiration for all of us. Despite the fact that the Romanian startup scene is more and more animated, we would like to see a greater concern for reasearch and hardware, aspects which are more neglected than services. We notice that the investment area is also coming back to life and is gaining momentum in startups. The first step is always the most difficult, and in order for you to promote your startup, TSM helps you get your projects published. We are an email away.

Adrian Bona adrian.bona@telenav.com
OpenStreetMap in the age of Spark

OpenStreetMap is an open/collaborative map considered the Wikipedia of maps. There are tons of information available online and even books about it... Anyway, it is not the history of OSM that we will discuss here. We will rather take a look at the impressive dataset behind and how such a big map can be analysed with modern technologies as Apache Spark.

George Mihaiu Online Marketing Specialist @Azimut Happy Employees
Freedom at Work: Redefining success in an organization

Since we were little, we were told to search for success in all things that we do because this search will guarantee us happiness. So, how come we don’t notice an explosion of happiness amongst employees who established themselves as being successful? (employees who earn more than 75.000$/per year). We came to realize that having a successful career along with a care-free life, doesn’t necessarily lead towards the ideals of happiness.


Summer holidays are some of the long-awaited times of the year. During this time, Facebook becomes a wide exhibit of sea and mountain views, filled with smiling people. Now more than ever, beer conversations are no longer threatened by laziness, because there is a rescue question at hand: „Where did you go on holiday?” and „Where would you like to go on holiday?”. More and more often, the answers to these questions reflect vacation projects which span over several years, where continents or civilizations are explored. Some projects may seem too radical or ambitious ... but they speak about people’s desire to escape, to challenge themselves and to explore contexts other than the ones a job entails. The frequency of such answers should raise some question marks for companies which should realize that, in the long run, the greatest benefits are not money and bonuses, but the free time they give their employees. No matter how much we like spending time on a product, we need free time that is ours and ours alone.

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