Cătălin Andoniu Senior SAP Basis Admin @ Siemens
SAP Solution Manager in a Nutshell

SAP Solution Manager is an application lifecycle management (ALM) platform provided by SAP, which helps you implement, maintain, run, and adopt all enterprise applications - even non-SAP software - while supporting business innovation, business continuity, and operations.

Iulia Sălăgean Software Engineer @ Flow Traders
We are what we write

We are not living in the Stone Age any more, we are social human beings and we should be also social engineers. It was long time ago when a project was a one-man show, so we have to learn to collaborate, we have to learn how to work in mixed-skills teams and how to share ideas and solutions in order to have a successful life as code writers. According to Tudor Girba1, as developers we spend about half of our working time reading code. Why reading code? Because the current code bases are growing every day, and with each task we have to implement,we will end up reading code more than actually writing it.


Adina Verzes Android Developer @ The Arktech
When do screen orientation changes matter?

There are 4.77 billion mobile phone users spread all over the world. They can choose between 2.8 million apps on the Android platform and over 2.2 million on Apple's App Store. Mobile phones are used in schools, on the streets, in the buses, inside personal cars, everywhere. The statistics confirm that it's a real challenge to deal with the mobile device diversity. The app should work and look good on all devices, regardless of their size, orientation or capabilities. Currently, the most popular screen size is 5.4 inches (i.e. iPhone 6) because it was rated as the best size that fits the human hand. Recent studies show that most users hold their phones with one hand and that they prefer portrait mode. However, they often rotate their devices from ergonomic reasons.

Robert Mălai Engineering Manager @ 3Pillar Global
How not to use Docker

Besides the official Docker documentation, there are several good sources on the Internet where you can read about how to kick-start your dockerized environment on your project, including Stack Overflow Docker tag, official Docker images for MySQL, and Postgres. Unfortunately, there aren't so many places where one can read about the failures in setting up Docker in various common use cases. You may wonder "why would anyone be interested in such a thing?" I think the value of such stories lies in the fact that we discover how such solutions work by trial and error, many times - pretty much the same method applied by a 2nd grader. Do you find yourself in a similar situation? You probably do, so the ideas from here will bear some value to you.

Adela Mureșan Senior Big Data Developer @ VE Interactive
Automatic classification of documents using natural language processing

The artificial intelligence field is strongly connected with Big Data technologies. One of its areas deals with the study of natural language. Computers can be taught to recognize certain patterns in the processed texts and, based on them, they can automatically classify sentences, phrases or even full documents in predefined groups. Using open source instruments, one can easily configure such a project, capable of classifying text, based on a prior automatic learning phase, using a preset input data.

Petra Ivașcu Software developer @ Halcyon Mobile
Brand Monitoring for Modern Social Media

The brisk rise of modern social media led to the development of tracking tools, which have as unique purpose the monitoring of the written content published on social networks sites. These software products become inefficient when they are applied on tasks which are rich in visual content, with too little or inconsequential written information.

Alin Pandichi Software developer, Speaker & Trainer @ Mozaic Works

It's time to be honest with ourselves and admit that we do not treat our frontend code the same way we treat our backend code, and this shows. When we talk about our code, we talk about applying the rules of clean code, about keeping it simple, about writing unit tests. Yet, when it comes to writing our frontend code, we knowingly skip all those rules that we usually self-impose.

Adrian Bona adrian.bona@telenav.com
OpenStreetMap in the age of Spark

OpenStreetMap is an open/collaborative map considered the Wikipedia of maps. There are tons of information available online and even books about it... Anyway, it is not the history of OSM that we will discuss here. We will rather take a look at the impressive dataset behind and how such a big map can be analysed with modern technologies as Apache Spark.

Dan Sabadis Team Lead @ SDL
Introduction in .Net Multithreading Programming (II)

In the previous article we laid out the foundation of what multithreading is and described the pillar of asynchronous programming in .Net, namely the IAsyncResult interface. We also provided a brief history of the evolution of the .Net multithreading abstractization, starting with the Thread class and ending with the async-await pattern (and keywords). In this article we will elaborate on the topic, giving detailed .Net thread synchronization examples, focusing on the two modes the CPU is spending time, in any modern operating system: the user-mode and the kernel-mode. As usual, we start with the definitions.

Simona Pop Map Analyst @ Telenav
Quality Assurance process on turn restrictions using SQL

There are multiple automotive embedded systems one of which is the car navigation system. OpenStreetMap (OSM)-based GPS navigation apps are increasingly used as OSM is the only crowd-sourced and open-sourced global map. OSM is constantly improved by the worldwide OSM users, and by the map-analysts at Telenav. Therefore, the OSM permanently catches up with the changes from reality. Even though there are several map features that can be used when mapping, there are some tags specific to routing. By way of illustration, turn-restrictions, oneway roads, road name, signposts or road geometry are examples of map features that can influence routing.




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