Issue 28

What makes you go further?

Cornelia Stan
Communications Officer

What makes you go further?

Something more than the overall perspective, farthest from the barrier of any conventional solution, beyond the individual knowledge, regardless of the time frames and against mainstream.

You and TechLeague

You are the one who lets your curiosity reign beyond any known limits. The one to whom details make a difference. The one who, through experimentation and exploration, decants its experience and further shares it with others, thus by setting even higher milestones for himself from which resumes its learning. You are the one who is the pedagogue, the autodidact, pursuing innovation and stating your initiatives; the one who doesn’t have boundaries in your evolution. You are the one that always goes further.

Over time, we have learnt what matters most for people like you - the ones who have always overcome expectations, only to bring to light new solutions and to refine – day by day - the definitions of performance and efficiency. People whose contribution – both as individuals and as a team - manages to bring a change in technology and IT.

For these things, which matter in your evolution, we have founded TechLeague.

Thinking about learning, mentoring, knowledge-sharing, promoting excellence in the IT field, innovation and initiative – we built six pillars that are meant to speed up the access to these opportunities through special events and programs that support IT enthusiasts to reach their potential in their way to exceed their own boundaries.

TechLeague's 6 development pillars are: TechCampus, TechTraining, TechInspire, TechCorner, TechExcellence and Tech Initiative, each one of them being meant to contribute to an IT specialist's career.

Intensive Agile TechTraining

TechLeague's most recent event is Intensive Agile TechTraining, and it covers topics as:

The 2 days training aims to offer a better insight on improving project management, boosting productivity and developing stronger collaboration relationships between team members by using Agile methodology.

The program will be held by Florian Ivan, trainer with over 15 years of experience in the software industry.

Florian is a project management consultant and trainer with a strong focus on Agile methodologies. His prior work experience includes managing programs for Microsoft Corporation and overseeing the development of a business intelligence start-up from creation to acquisition. Since 2011, he is the Managing Partner of Rolf Consulting, a German company specialized in change management. He holds a master’s degree in project management from the George Washington University and the following certifications: PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, Prince2 Practitioner, MCTS.

Intensive Agile TechTraining takes place on 14-15 November 2014, in Cluj-Napoca, at Ferdinand Galleries (6 Ferdinand Street).

It’s an open event, with limited number of seats: 10. If you want to attend, send us an e-mail at diana@tech-league.net, until 31.10.2014!

For more information, visit us on facebook.com/JoinTechLeague.




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