Cornelia Stan

Cornelia Stan

Communications Officer @Accesa

What makes you go further?

Something more than the overall perspective, farthest from the barrier of any conventional solution, beyond the individual knowledge, regardless of the time frames and against mainstream. You are the one who lets your curiosity reign beyond any known limits. The one to whom details make a difference. The one who, through experimentation and exploration, decants its experience and further shares it with others, thus by setting even higher milestones for himself from which resumes its learning. You are the one who is the pedagogue, the autodidact, pursuing innovation and stating your initiatives; the one who doesn’t have boundaries in your evolution. You are the one that always goes further.

Value as strategy

Although you could say that „value as strategy” could be valid for any type of company, the strategic development principle behind this phrase leaves us plenty of room for elaborating opportunities which are not to be ignored - especially for IT companies. „Value as strategy” means leveraging company values in order to control and define processes, ways of working, communication and development guidelines.

WordPress and the Community Spirit

Having success – easy and fast - further away of being a goal which could belong to a community - it is, still, one of the most discussed editorial subjects in business publications and many more. Of course, the innate ambitions of human beings nourish this subject, but - in the meantime – there is also being nourished an illusion: that success it is a purpose in itself, or, simply put, a superior limit we must achieve at any stake. Success it is a destination, an absolute achievement.

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