Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
IT Days 2013 (I)

The present article is dedicated to IT Days, www.itdays.ro – representing the first part of the retrospective of the most important event organized by Today Software Magazine in its home town, Cluj-Napoca. Before giving you more or less detailed information about the event, I wish to thank those more than 170 people in the audience and the 10 companies that stood by us in this event: AROBS, Endava, Evoline, EBS, Gemini Solutions Foundry, Accesa, Yardi, Skobbler, 3Pillar Global and msg systems Romania. We would also like to thank our partners which supported us: Cluj-Napoca City Hall, it-events.ro, Cluj Hub and Microsoft Student Partners.

Startup Weekend – Here and There

I don’t know about others, but for me America has always been the place where all the dreams come true. Making a short note, America for me is the whole North American continent, because since recently Canadian cities started to have a big contribution in the world of innovations. Out of curiosity; look for Innovation Center Mars in Toronto.


Andrei Kelemen CEO @ Cluj IT Cluster
Innovation or how to shape the future

I will start this small text with a quote from a guy that reinvented Nokia. Not nowadays Nokia, but the one from the ‘80s and which later became the tech giant we all know. This is what J.O. Nieminen, CEO of Nokia Mobira, said in 1984: When an inventor in Silicon Valley opens his garage door to show off his latest idea, he has 50% of the world market in front of him. When an inventor in Finland opens his garage door, he faces three feet of snow. Therefore, innovation had to be at home among the thousands of icy lakes of Finland. This is, in a nutshell, the reason why this Scandinavian country’s economy ranks constantly among the top 5 most competitive in the world.

3Pillar Global Team India 3Pillar Global Team India
Today Software Magazine - Android client

The arrival of Today Software Magazine back in March 2012 infused life into the IT community in Romania. It provided voice to the many talented IT and software development professionals who were looking for a common platform to showcase their expertise, share best practices, and find solutions to various problems impacting the industry.

Dumitrița Munteanu Software engineer
Multithreading in C++11 standard (part 1)

Thirtheen years after publishing the first C++ standard, and simultaneous with the publication of the new C++11 (or C++0x) standard, the members of the C++ Standards Committee decided to offer a major change regarding the multithread programming. For the first time C++ language offers support in implementing applications that require concurrent programming, regardless of the development platform. Before C++11 standard the multithreaded applications were based on platform-specific extensions, like Intel TBB, OpenMP, Pthreads, etc.

Cornelia Stan Communications Officer
Value as strategy

Although you could say that „value as strategy” could be valid for any type of company, the strategic development principle behind this phrase leaves us plenty of room for elaborating opportunities which are not to be ignored - especially for IT companies. „Value as strategy” means leveraging company values in order to control and define processes, ways of working, communication and development guidelines.

Alexandru Bolboacă Agile Coach and Trainer, with a focus on technical practices
@Mozaic Works
What to Learn In 2014

The starting of the year is a good moment to think at the future. How can you grow your career? How can you have a (more) stable job? How can you be more wanted in a competitive market?This article contains 10 technical skills that a programmer can learn and can help grow your profile with your colleagues and managers.

Anita Păcurariu Senior Business Analyst
BPMN – of great help in business process modeling

Business Process Model and Notation or shortly BPMN is one of the most well-known standards for business process modeling and management, being of great help in the definition and alignment stages of software products. The goal of BPMN is to provide all the participants of the delivery process, in other words business analysts, development and testing teams and product stakeholders with an easy-to-use and understandable unified set of elements and notations.

Dan Ionescu Executiv Director
@Danis Consulting
Towards An IT Community– via HR (IV)

During this year we proposed gathering and synthesizing as many opinions as possible, from the perspective of Human Resources professionals, about the IT companies from the Cluj market and about the idea of an “IT community”. For this purpose we had four meetings with Human Resources specialists from IT companies and we wrote down their opinions in articles published in the Today Software Magazine – three of these articles have appeared in the numbers 11, 13 and 16, the fourth one being the present article.

Roland Szabo Junior Python Developer
@3Pillar Global
Deep learning

ÎIn the last 2-3 years, a new buzzword has appeared: deep learning. In 2012, Microsoft presented a pretty impressive demo with an application that recognized spoken English, translated the text to Chinese and then spoke the translation with the original speakers voice.In the same year, Google developed a system that, from 10 million YouTube thumbnails, learned by itself to recognize cats (and 22.000 other categories of objects) .

Tudor Cioară Asistent Doctor Inginer
Dynamic Nutrition Behavior Awareness System For The Olders

Recent studies have shown that in Europe more than 15% of the older population is affected by poor nutrition and malnutrition caused by ageing problems such as decrease in sensitivity, difficulty in chewing and swallowing, lack of transportation, physical difficulty, forgetfulness and other issues. The nutrition related problems contribute to / or exacerbate the older adults chronic and acute diseases, speed up the development of degenerative diseases, increase the time needed to recover from illness and may even cause death.

Dhyan Or CEO & Co-founder
@Social ReHub
Startup Nation(s)

How come you moved from Israel to Cluj? is one of the first questions I usually hear when meeting new people in Romania. “Well, I wanted to build a startup.” Few people take this answer seriously, in light of Israel’s image as a startup heaven. According to the Startup Genome report, the top startup ecosystems in the world are: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, LA, Seattle, NYC, Boston and London, in that order. The official statistics support this image, citing close to 5,000 Israeli startups attracting $2 billion a year in funding mostly from international investors.

Innovative Leadership and the Building of Sustainable Systems

The first things that come to our minds when we hear about Amazon are printers, books, games, food products, toys, clothes, car spare parts and many more. Amazon has become a world retailer and the key word for it is on-line. Ever since its launching in 1994, Amazon’s mission has been to become the company most centered on customer’s needs in the world, where people can find on-line anything they wish to buy.

Claudia Jelea Avocat & Consilier in domeniul marcilor
@IP Boutique
How to protect intellectual property when outsourcing software development?

One of the highest legal risks associated with software development outsourcing by a company (Client) to a software developer (Developer) is intellectual property (IP). IP covers copyright, trademarks, industrial designs, patents, trade secrets, know-how, etc. and it can take a wide range of forms (databases, source-code, logo, graphic interface, notebook, etc.).

Andreea Pârvu People Operations Business Partner @ Endava
HR Trends in 2014

IT Cluj market has evolved tremendously in the last five years. Latest studies showed that at the moment there is a shortage of senior IT professionals to meet the projects’ needs. According to statistics realized last summer, there were 11 000 opportunities and only 9000 IT professionals on the market at that time. It is the perfect chance for the HR functions to emerge from support functions and begin to play a key role in business strategy.

Marius Iatan CEO & Co-founder
Pitch design. On conceptualizing and delivering a start-up presentation

We are RenderStreet, the next generation render farm for 3D projects. A one-line pitch, with a simple and clear message. Right? Apparently, yes. But when put in practice, the results will vary upon several factors: how acquainted the audience is to the subject, how much attention they are paying to your presentation, the attractiveness of the proposal and how well the speech is delivered. If you have a start up, you already know that pitching is one of the important activities. So – how do we make it go well?


Happy New Year!!! We begin full of enthusiasm the new year and we expect many accomplishments in 2014. The first initiative is related to improving the manner in which Today Software Magazine appears. We intend to launch the Romanian and English editions simultaneously, in order to eliminate the one month time lag that existed till now.

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