Dhyan Or

Dhyan Or

CEO & Co-founder @Social ReHub

Ingenuity, Perseverance and Connectivity

Thanks to the recent expansion in flight routes from Cluj, I can now take a 15 minute drive to the local airport, then get on a plane to virtually anywhere in Europe or the Middle East, and arrive there that same day in time for a meeting. On my recent visit to Israel I had the chance to meet some remarkable people: a Nobel laureate of great renown and a famed venture capitalist who is also a social activist.

Startup Nation(s)

How come you moved from Israel to Cluj? is one of the first questions I usually hear when meeting new people in Romania. “Well, I wanted to build a startup.” Few people take this answer seriously, in light of Israel’s image as a startup heaven. According to the Startup Genome report, the top startup ecosystems in the world are: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, LA, Seattle, NYC, Boston and London, in that order. The official statistics support this image, citing close to 5,000 Israeli startups attracting $2 billion a year in funding mostly from international investors.

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