Dumitrița Munteanu

Dumitrița Munteanu

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Agile Design Principles

Agile programming is based on developing the software product in small incremental blocks, when the client’s requests and the solutions offered by the programmer progress simultaneously. Agile programming is based on a close relation between the final quality of the product and the frequent deliveries of incrementally developed functionalities. The more deliveries are carried out, the higher the quality of the final product. In an agile implementation process, the modification requests are regarded as positive, no matter the development stage of the project.

Multithreading in C++11 standard (II)

In the previous examples we discussed ways to protect the data shared between multiple threads. Sometimes it is not enough just to protect shared data, but it is also necessary to synchronize the operations executed by different threads. As a rule one wants a thread to wait until an event occurs or until a condition becomes true. To this end, C + + Standard Library provides primitives such as condition variables and futures.

Multithreading in C++11 standard (part 1)

Thirtheen years after publishing the first C++ standard, and simultaneous with the publication of the new C++11 (or C++0x) standard, the members of the C++ Standards Committee decided to offer a major change regarding the multithread programming. For the first time C++ language offers support in implementing applications that require concurrent programming, regardless of the development platform. Before C++11 standard the multithreaded applications were based on platform-specific extensions, like Intel TBB, OpenMP, Pthreads, etc.

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