Leonard Abu-Saa

Leonard Abu-Saa

System Architect @Arobs

Software Architecture for developers

Software architecture plays a very important role in the delivery of successful software systems, yet it is being neglected by many teams. The software architecture role exists in every team. However, most of the time, the “architecture” reflects wishful thinking rather than reality. Many teams think that they do not need software architects, because they can “self-organize”. Many teams throw around words like “YAGNI”, “evolutionary architecture” and “emergent design”. Being agile has many benefits, but it does not discard the responsibility of having just enough upfront design.

Deal with authentication in AngularJS

Authentication is the process of identifying a user that wants to access a protected resource. We use authentication in our everyday lives: ID cards, user names and passwords, security cards, etc. The process that comes next is called ‘Authorization’ and they are very strongly related and sometimes mistaken one for another. With ‘Authorization’, we can check for user rights and see if they have or not access to a specific resource after they have been authenticated. However, make no mistake; there could be no ‘Authorization’ without ‘Authentication’. In this article we will discuss about the process of identifying ‘who this user is’ using AngularJS.

What’s new in Windows Communication Foundation 4.5

New features in WCF 4.5 tend to fall into two aspects: simplicity and scalability. The biggest problem there is when it comes to WCF configuration. What they wanted from the new version was easier and simpler configuration. We all know that is not easy to configure a WCF service. Indeed, after being set up and go, it becomes a great advantage in any system of distributed applications.

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