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The Challenges of Internal Promotion

In 2005, the Daimler-Chrysler giant announced the dismissal of CEO Juergen Schrempp, the architect of the Daimler-Chrysler fusion, who took over the company right after the fusion. Schrempp began his career at Daimler, subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, in 1967 as an engineer and advanced to the position of CEO. After the fusion, Schrempp, who ignored his Crysler partners from the USA and their marketing strategies, witnessed the decline of the new business. During the first year, the business lost over 50% of the capital value. Due to this deficient collaboration, the board decided to dismiss Juergen Schrempp after a 38 years career within the same company.

Impact Training

In large companies, most of the employees go through training when they enter the company, and then they are repeated according to the training needs of the company. Under these circumstances, we might think that the employees no longer see the trainings as something special, but we are wrong. A study carried out by the researchers of the Madeira Spanish University shows us that the employees enjoy training almost as much as a raise. The study conducted on 5000 employees from Spain reveal that the satisfaction regarding the employer and implicitly the workplace increases by 18% after the employee has participated in a training provided by the company.

Innovative Leadership and the Building of Sustainable Systems

The first things that come to our minds when we hear about Amazon are printers, books, games, food products, toys, clothes, car spare parts and many more. Amazon has become a world retailer and the key word for it is on-line. Ever since its launching in 1994, Amazon’s mission has been to become the company most centered on customer’s needs in the world, where people can find on-line anything they wish to buy.

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