Daniel Lăcătuș

Daniel Lăcătuș

Senior Software Developer @Accesa

What (not) to expect

You got that job you wanted: you are a software developer. Just got out of university, with big plans, moved or living in a big city with high prospects in the IT Industry. The world is yours and you. are. trending! There is a lot of hype around you and you know you are in the right place. Passion and coffee gets you up every morning as you devour this new field. Soon some years pass, you learn the methodologies, the process, the way of working. You share your project leaders’ opinions, learn from them, but soon develop your own. Some things they get right, other you can do better. More years pass, you start to develop new abilities that are now not so technology-oriented, but more people-oriented. You start to care about your team's health and your effort to do better is noticed by the company you work for. Soon, you find yourself in a formal or informal leader position and somehow have the satisfaction that you can help others.

WPF – what about performance?

When it comes to .Net family of client applications, Windows Presentation Foundation is a name that is frequently found. WPF is no longer a novelty, being introduced from. Net Framework 3.0 but brings out graphical interface advantages that still make it competitive. The temptation whenever there’s something new, is to make it the ideal solution for everything. There is an ongoing discussion when it comes to choosing a Microsoft client technology, but if you don’t use the advantages brought by WPF (data-binding, dynamic styling, media services, animations) for performance reasons a lot of developers still choose WinForms.

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