Alin Luncan

Alin Luncan

Software Engineer @Accesa

Managing growing data with relational databases

I remember about two years ago one of our clients saying that as it was the main requirement for a new software application. Those words haunted me for a while, I could not understood why he would phrase it like that. An application crash was bad enough but loosing data was out of this world; I was trying to visualize the kind of complexity that made them ask for this particular requirement. 

Adding value when developing. A simple example

Last November „Fundația Comunitară Oradea” (http://www.fundatiacomunitaraoradea.ro) offered a few grants for ideas that can be put into practice within a year, to make the community we live in a better place. I was one of the lucky few whose project was approved and I wanted to share my way of thinking when developing for the project. The proposed project was all about the process of continuous feedback to and from local authorities on the state of the city through a web app specially crafted for this purpose: change through technology.

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