Issue 32

Editorial TSM 32 en

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

This month we celebrated three years since the release of the first issue of Today Software Magazine. It has been three years of satisfaction, but also of hard work and dedication from the entire team. None of these would have been possible without the enthusiasm of the Cluj IT community and that of our collaborators around the country and abroad. Each issue has its own story. The selected articles attract many questions during each release event. But you can read more on the evolution of this project in the article we start this issue of the magazine with.

A short review of the articles in the current issue can draw your attention to the diversity of the approached subjects. We invite you to read one of the first articles dedicated to Apple Watch programming: The WARCHKIT SDK experiment. The analysis of feelings and the complexity of online opinions present to us the way of discovering in a programmatic manner an analysis of the opinions expressed online, through a few examples of code written in Python. The projects based on Kinect are represented by a project born of Microsoft Imagine Cup and whose coordinator in Dan Suciu: Technical non-invasive solutions in the medical domain. The article entitled JavaFX Optional is not only for replacing a null value continues the series dedicated to the Java language. The end of this issue is marked by an article of the marketing area, The development of Internal Marketing in Romania! and by Gogu’s new adventure.




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