Daniel Costea Senior Software Developer @ EU Agency
Machine Learning 101 with Microsoft ML.NET (part 3/3)

To conclude what we have covered so far, it's clear that when building a model, the trainer selection is not the most difficult part. AutoML is able to suggest a list with the best models, due to the evaluation metrics which accompany every model. What is much more complex (and time-consuming) is the data preparation which, along with the training pipeline, builds a model ready to make predictions.

Gustavo Silva Security Engineer @ Paddy Power Betfair
The Power of Open-Source Software in Cyber Security

The beauty of open source software is that it allows you to create, experiment and transform code, and even give it a higher purpose. After discovering and deep diving into a new and exciting security scanning tool, with the help of our engineering team, we began making this tool into something more. What initially could have been used for red-teaming, bug bounty hunting or hacking in general was transformed into a tool that can help blue teams defend against the bad guys better.


Daniel Costea Senior Software Developer @ EU Agency
Machine Learning 101 with Microsoft ML.NET (part 1/3)

The purpose of these series of articles is to provide a complete guide (from data to predictions) to machine learning, for .NET developers in a .NET ecosystem, and that is possible now using Microsoft ML.NET and Jupyter Notebooks. Moreover, you don't have to be a data scientist to do machine learning.

Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect
Serverless and microservices confusion

Six years ago, I started to work on the first microservices projects. It was a migration from a monolithic solution to something different, to containers and microservices. Fast forward, we are in 2020, and in ALL engagements where I am involved, we have containers and something more – serverless.

Vlad Precup Engineering Manager @ ComplyAdvantage
Ethical and Legal Considerations in Web Scraping at Scale

Data being the most valuable commodity nowadays, it lies at the core of almost every business, irrespective of its domain. Whether we’re talking about search engines, entertainment platforms, ecommerce stores or fintech solutions, they are all about data and represent it in the most meaningful way to their users. In the process of gathering these vast amounts of data, many organizations are leveraging web scraping to extract information from 3rd party sources, such as websites. In most cases, the existing information on these websites is designed for human end-users.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Five years in Cluj - Interview with Dennis Raabe

Ovidiu Mățan : Dennis, the local team has grown a lot since you came to Cluj for the first time, offices changed and new projects came. Tell us a few things about your journey and why it was special.

Dennis Raabe: It was a special journey, indeed. Besides the many successful projects delivered, the growth of the ECC team from around 40 associated to more than 800 today, what always impressed me most, was the passion and commitment of this young team. From the very first day, I knew that their special drive to show what they are capable of and 'the yes we can' attitude will help us achieve great things together.

Oana-Maria Bocârnea Senior SAP ABAP Consultant @ Siemens
From Waterfall to Agile in SAP Landscape

One of the first decisions most projects face, regardless of the development landscape or technology, is "Which development methodology should be used? What fits better for our application and landscape?" This topic gets more and more attention and it's currently a subject of debate. There are many articles debating if the developers creativity is not restricted by adopting standard steps to be followed. This comes up as since the chosen methodology determines how the project's development is organized. The two most known methodologies are Waterfall and Agile. Although SAP has ASAP for ERP implementation, in SAP software development Waterfall and Agile are both famous. The article will draw some ideas around the way of choosing the best fit for the developed software in SAP world.




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