Ana-Maria Dobre Instructional Design Specialist & Trainer @ Azimut & updateED
Effective communication within the organization

Each of us has been put in a situation where, after a meeting at work or after a discussion with the manager, the targets imposed and the methods by which they must be achieved are not totally clear. According to statistics, 57% of employees are not convinced whether they correctly understood what they have to do, while 69% of managers consider that it is difficult for them to communicate with employees.

John Bax Senior Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker @ TRYACT International
Engagement @ Work - A hype or a continuous point of attention?

Engagement a hype? At a first glance, it is a hype, for sure! If you google the word ‘engagement’, you get 51.200,00 hits. When googling ‘work engagement’ you get 82.200,00 hits. At a second glance, however, paying continuous attention to the *‘engagement’* of the people within an organization pays off, both for the employee and for the employer. Allow me to prove my point.


Terezia Neagu Senior Product Executive @ Betfair Romania Development
Product Management – How to become a top performer

The performance can be translated the way we manage to accomplish our daily tasks which are mapped to our company’s­­ goals and vision. The performance is usually brought into the light each time when we talk about employee evaluation – how well he managed to execute and deliver the expected work activities.

Terezia Neagu Senior Product Executive @ Betfair Romania Development
Product Management – The art of negotiation

Negotiation is the process where a series of strategic discussions happen between two parties with the purpose to reach an agreement that satisfies all the stakeholders. By negotiating, all involved parties avoid a potential argument and find a common ground where they reach a consensus. Remember, in case one party must give up more than the other on its list of demands, then a compromise occurs in that negotiation versus a consensus where both parties give up and accept the outcome on the same level.

Antal-Árpád Flórián-Udvari Software Development Manager
Project Manager Recipe for Success in front of Organizational Culture problems

Usually the longest phase, where the majority of people are involved in a project is the execution phase. Ensuring success in this phase poses the greatest challenges, as the four dimension of project management state that success depends on the project manager’s competencies, the structure of the organization, the process of progress monitoring, and the practices that are part of the organization culture (Kendra & Taplin, 2004). While competencies and progress monitoring depend solely on the project manager and are, therefore, considered controllable, the organization structure and culture is much greater, thus hard to manage. Therefore, in this essay we’ll consider these as fixed, and try to argue in favor of the working solutions to overcome these limitations.

Terezia Neagu Senior Product Executive @ Betfair Romania Development
How to manage your product with success

To manage a product with success doesn’t have a clear recipe. It can easily be a magic formula each product manager finds out and applies to their own solution. What’s important is sharing the success stories and innovate the product management domain by network with like-minded people. Remember each product is unique and the approach we take to manage doesn’t guarantee the success for all products – in this context we should rather seek the method that best fits a product.

Terezia Neagu Senior Product Executive @ Betfair Romania Development
Product Mentorship - keeping the flame alive

Mentorship is the partnership between two parties called mentor - the actor that shares knowledge and offers guidance and mentee - actor that receives the knowledge and is being guided. Together, they will embark on a journey of self-discovery and development in both of their professional and personal lives.

Terezia Neagu Senior Product Executive @ Betfair Romania Development
Building the Right Product

The right product meets the customer needs by addressing solutions to their problems, while keeping them engaged to use and always ask for more. Some of the most asked questions on this challenge would be how we can validate our product to meet the needs of our customers, what the next step or investment is, how we can validate our choices and lastly, the most important one, how we can build the right product. All these questions will be tackled in our article.

Vlad But Managing partner @ AZIMUT Happy Employees & updateED
LMS (Learning Management Systems) - a necessary evolution

In 2000 started the mobile device technological revolution and at that moment Generation Y (of the ones born between the years 1977-1994) adopted these technologies by integrating them in their lives very easy, one could say that this was a natural evolution. The scientific explanation is a simpler one. Our brain is the organ consuming the biggest quantity of energy (approximately 20%, while the heart is consuming only 5-7%) from the total amount of energy available in the human body.

Noela Anastasia Research Specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees
Defeat and/or victory?

For myself, and for many of us, the first thing that goes through our mind after we wake up is: I haven't slept enough. And the second one is: I don't have enough time. It doesn't matter if it's true or false,the thought of not having enough pops into our head automatically, and we don't have enough time to question its accuracy or to examine it carefully. Even before getting out of bed, even before our feet touch the floor, we have the feeling that things aren't going as they should, that we are behind with something, that we are missing something. Moreover, in the evening, when we get back to bed, our mind is contemplating all the things we managed to achieve or didn't achieve on that day. We go to sleep under the weight of our thoughts and we wake up again thinking about what we are missing…' (Lynne Twist in her book The soul of money)



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