Terezia Neagu

Terezia Neagu

Senior Product Executive @ Betfair Romania Development

Product Management – Launch your product idea using Lean Canvas – Cat Cafe

Working in the product world, we all aspire to launch our own product one day. Maybe we already have that "big" product idea, but we do not know from where to start. Sometimes the challenge is to choose and apply a specific technique for this purpose. However, before engaging in the process of launching a new product, the product can either fail or succeed. However, n matter of the outcome, we already won the "game" just by making the attempt of introducing a new product into the market. There are various frameworks we could use to manage a product and Lean Canvas is one of the easiest and most insightful ways we could do this.

Product Management – The art of negotiation

Negotiation is the process where a series of strategic discussions happen between two parties with the purpose to reach an agreement that satisfies all the stakeholders. By negotiating, all involved parties avoid a potential argument and find a common ground where they reach a consensus. Remember, in case one party must give up more than the other on its list of demands, then a compromise occurs in that negotiation versus a consensus where both parties give up and accept the outcome on the same level.

Product Mentorship - keeping the flame alive

Mentorship is the partnership between two parties called mentor - the actor that shares knowledge and offers guidance and mentee - actor that receives the knowledge and is being guided. Together, they will embark on a journey of self-discovery and development in both of their professional and personal lives.

How to manage your product with success

To manage a product with success doesn’t have a clear recipe. It can easily be a magic formula each product manager finds out and applies to their own solution. What’s important is sharing the success stories and innovate the product management domain by network with like-minded people. Remember each product is unique and the approach we take to manage doesn’t guarantee the success for all products – in this context we should rather seek the method that best fits a product.

Building the Right Product

The right product meets the customer needs by addressing solutions to their problems, while keeping them engaged to use and always ask for more. Some of the most asked questions on this challenge would be how we can validate our product to meet the needs of our customers, what the next step or investment is, how we can validate our choices and lastly, the most important one, how we can build the right product. All these questions will be tackled in our article.



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