Bogdan Iordache Co-Founder How to Web
Financing for Tech Startups through the Tech Angels network

The South-East European IT industry is emerging, and the potential and technical talent in the area is the starting point for the development of a sound entrepreneurial ecosystem. Not long time ago, the startups from the region had to look after investors outside the borders. Starting in September, the Tech Angels network of private investors facilitates the access to capital for the tech entrepreneurs.

Marius Mornea Software Engineer and Mintaka Research founder
Interview with Scott Barber

NEXT2012 conference, organized by Softvision, provided the opportunity and pleasure to meet and watch Scott Barber, also known as “the face of performance testing”. A self declared geek which upon a first Google-ing does not strike you through his publishing career or hit percentage in the returned results. This not only enhances the pleasure of the first encounter, but as you get to know him, turns out to be a very good portrait. Scott is a pragmatic fellow who chooses the hands on approach, over the academic one,


Attila Antal Software Architect
Architecture for Flexibility (Quality Attribute)

By definition, the flexibility – as quality attribute – represents the capacity of a system to be adapted for different environments and situations in order to face changes related to business environment policies and rules. Nowadays we can find this quality attribute in any type of business and this is why it is very probable present in the client’s requirements for their projects. In this article I will develop some ideas based on this issue – flexibility and its impact over the architecture and development processes.

Radu Popescu QA and Web designer
@Small Footprint
Internal SEO techniques part II

We are going to continue the last article where we talked about some of the most important internal SEO techniques. In this second article we are going to talk about how an HTML5 interface can help us, about blocking pages from indexation and internal links. We are hoping that these two articles will create a small SEO guide, for internal optimization, that any site owner can use to improve his results on search engines.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Made in România (I)

We are starting a new column in the magazine, where we will present some of the successful applications of local companies. We will see companies which, in spite of their external popularity, are not locally famous; we will also see local initiatives to support the Romanian IT market or recent products of a very good quality.

Attila-Mihaly Balazs Software Panther @ Synapp.io
Writing beautiful code - not just for the aesthetic value

Most mainstream programming languages contain a large set of features and diverse standard libraries. Because of this it becomes important to know not only “how” you can achieve something (to which there are usually several answers) but also “what is the recommended way”. In this article I will argue that knowing and following the recommended ways of coding doesn’t only yield shorter (easier to write), easier to read, understand and maintain code but also prevents programmers from introducing a lot of bugs.

Marius Mornea Software Engineer and Mintaka Research founder
The Cluj IT History (1957-2012)

It started simple, with a single question, which in the following days gave birth to whole series of questions, that stirred, not only my curiosity, but that of everybody I tested the new idea on. The initial question was voiced by Răzvan Florian, and it emerged in the following context: we were sitting next to each other at a regioNet meeting named “Clusters and networks – Engines of development for the growth of competitiveness and innovation capacity”. Right after the status update on the Cluj IT Cluster (30 companies, totaling 3500 employees and a 8 million Euro turnover), came professor Sergiu Nedevschi turn.

Tavi Bolog Development Lead at Nokia
Introduction to Grails (I)

Grails este un framework web bazat pe Java și Groovy. Grails împrumută concepte din frameowork-uri precum Rails în dorința de a simplifica web development-ul în Java. Grails is a web development framework developed on top of Java and Groovy stacks. Grails borrows concepts from frameworks like Rails, and builds on these concepts to simplify web development in Java.

Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect
Windows Azure Service Bus Messaging patterns

In this article we will discuss two design patterns you can use when you need to solve certain problems in an enterprise solution. The two solutions described here are based on Windows Azure Service Bus. This is a message delivery system offered by Microsoft. It is not necessary to install or configure any server in order to use it.

10 design principles (I)

After mankind got bored of playing with dinosaurs (and also because dinosaurs got killed at some point by a meteorite), some went hunting penguins, some downloaded the first StarCraft(because the latest hasn’t been finished yet - btw it NEVER IS), the rest of them went nuts into entertaining themselves with zebras. But they didn’t have one :-(. The zebras were NOT EVEN BEING INVENTED.
1. And because everyone wanted to understand what a zebra is, they checked with the village guru who told them that a FUNCTIONAL DOCUMENT is required in order to explain what a zebra is.

Andrei Avădănei Fondator si CEO DefCamp CEO worldit.info
A journey through 2012 cyber-attacks and Romania’s position on cyber war

2012 was one of the most active years in the Internet history in terms of cyber-attacks on large systems and infrastructure. This article touches on a sensitive issue in Romania – the foreign IT security interventions using a top 10 of the most important attacks in 2012. The conclusions of the article try to highlight the risks faced by the Romanian infrastructure and how well we are prepared for serious cyber-attacks.

Florian Ivan Managing Partner, PMI-ACP, CSM, PMP, Prince2 Practitioner, MVP, MCTS
@Rolf Consulting Germany
Agile - Crash Course

Any magazine we open or any conference we go, we’ll certainly come across an article or a presentation on Agile. Everyone talks about Agile and agility, and the experts came in huge quantities and any company, especially in software, claims to be Agile. Skeptics remain reserved and wishing the Agile fashion would disappear. However, the „fashion” not only does stay, but also there have been more than 10 years since it first appeared and it even seeks to develop if not explode. Nokia, Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Philips, Siemens, Yahoo are big names that bet on Agile.

Claudiu Anghel Project Manager
Can you be agile in fixed price projects?

The agile methodologies are more and more preferred by the software companies in a world where the functional requirements, driven by the dynamics of the market, are continuously changing and the reduced time to market has a significant importance in getting the desired final results. At the same time many companies in need of software products are not software development companies and operate in a market with time and cost constraints; the vast majority of these companies require the delivery of the software products under a fixed price project.

Simona Bonghez Managing Partner @ Colors in Projects
Gogu and the Big Picture

Gogu’s blood was boiling and he felt the pressure inside his head growing slowly but irreversibly. He suddenly became aware that he will explode and the feeling filled him with an awkward tranquility. All his emotions were erased, leaving him with just a bitter taste... It was time for a reaction, now or never. He interrupted Chief:


We sometimes like to consider ourselves as being aggrieved; we say to ourselves that nothing happens in a country which promotes a negative image both internally and abroad. I remember that once reading a morning newspaper in Tokyo I was surprised to see a lot of positive news which made me start the morning with optimism an eagerness to work. The desire to enjoy the Romanian press in the same way has led us to start an overview of the most important events in the Romanian IT field.

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