Ştefan Baritchii

Ştefan Baritchii

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10 design principles - part II

And because zebras have no circles on them but at most slightly curved lines which flow nicely across their bodies, they also thought about cyclic dependencies. (This section talks about how we should avoid cyclic dependencies with few zebra world examples) In order to avoid such unscripted scenarios please make sure your components don’t cross call one anothers

10 design principles (I)

After mankind got bored of playing with dinosaurs (and also because dinosaurs got killed at some point by a meteorite), some went hunting penguins, some downloaded the first StarCraft(because the latest hasn’t been finished yet - btw it NEVER IS), the rest of them went nuts into entertaining themselves with zebras. But they didn’t have one :-(. The zebras were NOT EVEN BEING INVENTED.
1. And because everyone wanted to understand what a zebra is, they checked with the village guru who told them that a FUNCTIONAL DOCUMENT is required in order to explain what a zebra is.

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