Ștefania Duica IT Recruiter @Endava
Psychological safety and team cohesion

The IT domain is a dynamical one and the development teams hold an important place in the delivery of application to different clients. Thus, the focus of attention is more and more on the role of the teams within the organization, in order to identify the different methods that can contribute to increase their efficiency.

Ariel Pontes Python Developer @3 Pillar Global
Chaos, memes and software design patterns

Your code is not DRY/SOLID/readable/maintainable. Your API is not “RESTful”. You’re not respecting the “tell don’t ask” principle. Your code is not well documented. “Inline comments are code-smell”. This code is not efficient. “Premature optimization is the root of all evil”. You don’t need a library for this feature, you should avoid “technology lock-in”. “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. In a few decades of software development we have seen the rise and fall of countless design principles/philosophies/patterns. Some of them seem to contradict each other at times and debates around these topics are often heated and reveal a certain level of stubbornness and quasi-tribalism on all sides. Can we find technical arguments to settle them?


Cristina Juc Organiser @ Startup Weekend Cluj

Tudor Bîrlea Co-founder@ This is Not a Storm
Grow a smart product

The product you developed is not selling, even though you have already tried the 100s growth-hacking tips and tricks list. Even Neil Patel’s guide only brings you more confusion. It’s time for you to face what the real problem is. Instead of learning, experimenting and sometimes failing, you are spending time iterating on meaningless aspects and side features of your product. Meanwhile, someone, somewhere is working way more efficiently on a product similar to or better than yours.

Claudiu Draghia Quality Manager @Capgemini
The Testing Map

I’ve spent the past ten years of my life in the IT industry, living and breathing for quality software testing. I started out as a tester and even though I’ve spent my last few years as a Quality Manager, I’m still a tester at heart. In all my experience, I’ve always encountered one phenomenon that stands out from the rest. This is the tester’s plight, wherein managers will often believe that literally anyone can test applications, their confusion whenever bugs still happen in a productive environment, even after months of extensive testing in a sandbox and the overall state of a demanding but yet unrecognized profession.

Dorin Cazan Service specialist @Siemens
Collaboration done easy with TFS - for developers and non-developers alike

Team Foundation Server (abbr. TFS) has the promise of being an out of the box, all in one box solution to ALM within an organization. You can use it to manage your project and track your team’s work, to manage your code, to build and test your software. You can do so either with Team Foundation Server installed on your own server, or by using Visual Studio Online in the cloud.

Simona Bonghez Managing Partner @ Colors in Projects
Gogu and the sophisms

"Gogu, are you coming to the gym tonight?” Misu’s Transylvanian face suddenly appeared from behind the display.  “No, I’m going to the barrelhouse. Er… to the bar, if you want it to sound better,” Gogu rectified rapidly. 

Delia Mircea @Contzilla.ro
Calculation of salary in 2016

Year 2016 has certainly been an important year from the point of view of legal novelties. In the domain of remuneration, too, there have been a few important modifications, which we will present below. The minimum gross salary in force from 01.01.2016 to 30.04.2016 is 1050 lei.

Florentina Șipețean Consulting Manager @Azimut Happy Employees
Work-life balance and workforce generations. How will we answer in 2030 to the question „What are you doing today?”

2015 was the year when Generation Y (millennial) has taken a significant percentage of the labor market in most European countries. Today we are preparing intensively for the Generation Z. Because the generational workplace diversity is an actual debate, this also generates myths, exaggerations, and uncomfortable truths. How does Generation Y answers to the family, technological, economical or emotional challenges?

Claudiu Demian Systems Administrator
@Yardi România
Adopting a DevOps Culture

DevOps is more and more frequent in today’s IT environment and it probably represents the way we will be organizing work in our communities. The following article will talk about how the need for DevOps appeared, where it stands today, and why it is considered to be a culture, not a methodology. The final section will analyze the way in which DevOps is being implemented in a Cluj company.


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