Florentina Șipețean

Florentina Șipețean

Consulting Manager @Azimut Happy Employees

Well-being, HR and science of complexity

The following article is like the news with 7 Earth-sized planets discovered by NASA. We all (especially the geeks among us) saw this coming given the technological advancement but we needed real proof to come out. This article is about well-being, the role of the HR department and a new theory that approaches it from a different perspective. We will either talk about it decades from now or it will simply be a paradigm that has no ground in reality. So the starting questions: should we let groups to self-organize themselves? Who then should decide about everyone`s well-being?

Work-life balance and workforce generations. How will we answer in 2030 to the question „What are you doing today?”

2015 was the year when Generation Y (millennial) has taken a significant percentage of the labor market in most European countries. Today we are preparing intensively for the Generation Z. Because the generational workplace diversity is an actual debate, this also generates myths, exaggerations, and uncomfortable truths. How does Generation Y answers to the family, technological, economical or emotional challenges?


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