Claudiu Demian

Claudiu Demian

Systems Administrator @Yardi România

Managing Accidents and Guilt in the DevOps Culture

Accidents are unwanted, unpredictable events. However, they are sure to occur from time to time. As a system becomes more and more complex, the probability that it will crash or that the people using it will make mistakes also increases. The way in which we respond to this kind of crises has a major impact on the organizational culture, and on the team and the company’s performance.

Adopting a DevOps Culture

DevOps is more and more frequent in today’s IT environment and it probably represents the way we will be organizing work in our communities. The following article will talk about how the need for DevOps appeared, where it stands today, and why it is considered to be a culture, not a methodology. The final section will analyze the way in which DevOps is being implemented in a Cluj company.

Puppet-based automation

Automation represents a very important component in IT, whether it is used for software development (in continuous integration, for example) or for the administration of different systems and infrastructure. In the case of big, dynamic environments, implementing a form of automation represents one of the most basic needs in order to ensure the optimization of the resource management.  

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