Sorin Pânca

Sorin Pânca

Senior Systems Administrator @Yardi România

Keeping Your Linux Servers Up To Date – Part II

In this article I’ll talk about the storage system that integrates the best with the needs of a datacenter. To debate the pros and cons when choosing a storage solution for a datacenter I must write a short classification and history of storage systems first. By their location, the storage systems are classified into two categories:
A. Local Data Storage: these filesystems reside on a local peripheral device:

Keeping Your Linux Servers Up To Date (I)

In this article, which is split into multiple parts, I’m going to address the issue of keeping your Linux servers up to date. More often than not, when starting to administer the servers of a startup business, the systems administration team finds an already created datacenter setup around a bunch of servers installed with the needed software, which is often a chaotically configured, “barely functioning” setup done by the first team of developers, doing DevOps jobs.

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