Issue 34

Editorial TSM 34 - en

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

The professional evolution of each of us is most of the times conditioned by the decision to face new and more complex situations which can make the most of our potential, make us assume responsibility and bring to us the acknowledgement of our merits. Most often, in the IT world and not only, this decision is materialized in the changing of the working place. The project called programez.ro, which I have also mentioned in the previous issues, comes to the help of those who make such decisions, but also to the help of the employer companies. To that effect, we bring an interesting proposal which combines the online tests with the presentation of the latest open positions within different companies. In this manner, a candidate will be able to evaluate his known domains before applying for the new job. Once the test was passed and a certain score was achieved, the candidate will qualify for the next stage of tests, of a higher degree of difficulty. We believe that the simulation of going through an interview assesses the availability and willingness of the person involved in the testing to assume new technical challenges and to improve. On the other hand, besides an individual perspective that underlines the advantage offered by self-evaluation, going through these tests with requirements adapted to the needs of the IT market gives the employer companies the opportunity to detect their potential employees faster. Another project of Today Software Magazine is the launching of the magazine application for the users of Windows Phone devices. It follows the direction defined by the iOS and Android applications, bringing, in addition, a better graphical interface. From this perspective, we state that this client is the most successful implementation of a TSM client until now. We invite you to download it and send us your opinions. Details on the implementation of the application are presented in an article included in this issue. In regard to the content of this issue, we have excelled in the number of published interviews, but also in the professional quality of those who have agreed to answer. Therefore, we have three interviews: Natalya Kaspersky provides us with details on the projects in the industry of security; Roxana Rugina, the initiator of the first Simplon project in Romania, talks to us about the effects of this first project, but also about her future plans. In the third interview, dedicated to the revolution of Big Data, you can read about the challenges in a company whose goal is to analyze and increase the involvement of the users. Agile Mindset, from a different perspective, invites you to a discussion about rules and best practices. The technical domain is covered by articles that you will surely find interesting: Aspect Oriented Programming in the Development of Software Systems, the presentation of Realreach technology and (Micro)Service Discovery with Netflix Eureka. We would also like to mention an interesting article from the area of psychology, which analyses the mechanisms of the employee’s motivation.




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