Issue 39

Online Marketing Specialist Vs. Marketing Agency – Which is best for you

Călin Biriș
Marketing manager

Online Marketing can't be ignored anymore. Before making any purchase decision, the consumers are doing online research and are getting more informed than ever.

Google did a market research and found out that 92% of the consumers turn to search engines when looking for a local business. So it is necessary for any company to have a good online presence.

If you want to reach your Marketing goals there are two options: have an Online Marketing Specialist in-house or work together with a Marketing Agency.

Online Marketing Specialist Vs. Marketing Agency

Let's see what are the pros and cons for each option:

Online Marketing Specialist (OMS) in-house



Marketing Agency



As you can see, there are some advantages and disadvantages for both options. But do you really have to make a choice? The truth is that those options don't have to exclude each other. It is a good practice to have an in-house Marketing Specialist or Brand Manager that coordinates the collaboration with the Marketing Agency. This will help your company get the best from both sides.

If you have a business that affords to have its own Online Marketing Team (2 to 6 specialists at least), not just an Online Marketing Specialist, then a Marketing Agency can help you with an outside perspective on how you can improve your Online Marketing Tactics and Strategy.

Our advice is to choose wisely and find out all your options. Try not to miss out on good opportunities to grow your online presence.



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