Issue 49

Startups - July edition

Mircea Vădan
Managing Partner @ Activize Cofounder @ClujStartups

VisitorAnalytics is a plugin for Wix which helps website managers see detailed statistics on visitors and track their behavior on their websites in real time..

Car Troopers is an alternative to the classic rent-a-car. By using the app, you get rid of bureaucracy when renting a car, you benefit of affordable prices and you can get the car in less than an hour. In addition, if you have entrepreneurial spirit, you can rent your car when you do not use it, and, as a result, earn money.

Diorama is an application for viewing 360-degree videos on the smartphone. This is a new experience in a virtual environment: you can explore places, galaxies, oceans, concerts, landscapes. You just need a simple VR headset, like Google Cardboard, in which to put the smartphone.

Oscilloskope is an online media monitoring platform: web presence, social media (including real-time Facebook monitoring), forums, blogs, Reddit, YouTube and more. You can track and monitor a product or a name and see conversations on those topics.


  • comply advantage
  • ntt data
  • 3PillarGlobal
  • Betfair
  • Accenture
  • Siemens
  • Bosch
  • FlowTraders
  • MHP
  • Connatix
  • MetroSystems
  • BoatyardX
  • Colors in projects