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Ioana Armean

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The First Step in Business Analysis

As I mentioned in the article called “Business Analysis Framework” of the 26th issue of the magazine, I will continue the series of articles in this area. The topics of my future articles were concisely presented in the form of steps and diagrams in order to provide a consistent overall view both for a business analyst as well as for any other member of the team who fulfils these responsibilities. Within the same article I was mentioning orientation as the first step that a business analyst should take when starting a new project.

Business Analysis Framework (I)

Imagine you are an enthusiastic business analyst who was assigned a new project and you don’t know where to start from. You do not know the domain, nor the people from the development team, nor even the expectancies of the involved parties. Fred Brooks wrote the following in his book “No Silver Bullet”: “The hardest part in building a system is that of deciding what exactly it is that you want to build. No other part of the conceptual work is as difficult as that of setting detailed requirements… No other part is more difficult to amend later.”

New business development analysis

It’s a pleasure to watch as an observer how businesses are growing. Still, there are a few that think about the roadmap to success, from where it all begun and which were the first steps that led to success. Today we know as a fact that, before starting a new project, no matter the industry, there is need for a plan. In most fields, the business plan is most used. More recently, in the software industry the term of POC appeared.

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