Dragoș Andronic

Dragoș Andronic

Product Manager @ Telenav

OSMTime meetups on improving OSM Data

At the end of the each month, in our EU offices we organize an OSMTime meetup. Similar to the Maptime format, during the OSMtime meetup, local maps enthusiasts gather to share information regarding OpenStreetMap initiatives and tools and partake in map editing activities. While all GIS related information & tools are within scope, the main focus of these meetups is OpenStreetMap editing, and more specifically improving OSM within the immediate geographic vicinity.

Realreach­ - find out what’s within 15 minutes of you

Assume that you’re in a new city (say Genoa, Italy) and have 2 hours until your next train or flight. You see their pay-by-hour bicycle sheds and you’d like to know how far you can bike-to in 1 hour (so that you have time to get back in time) and what sights are within this time range. Or assume that you’re driving to your next meeting and you’d like to know what parking places (paid or street-level) are within 10 minutes, by foot, from their office.


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