George Rus

George Rus

Software Developer @ Yardi România

Human-Computer Interaction: Real-Time Web-Chat Using LeapMotion and SignalR

In a world of technology and smart devices, communication should be treated as a key factor and new ways of human – computer interaction should be considered besides traditional ones. The aim of this article is to illustrate the idea of using alternative ways of interaction with the computer in accordance with current available and affordable technologies. The proposal will be exemplified by a real-time web chat application that will be built using *ASP.NET MVC* and *SignalR* and will receive input from a virtual keyboard controlled by a *Leap Motion Controller*.

Web Resources Access Protection Using ASP.NET Identity

In the era of mobility and interconnected smart devices, there are cases when the access to information should be restricted for non-authenticated entities. The aim of this article is to provide high-level details about ways of authentication and authorization for software developers that are using ASP.NET platform, especially ASP.NET MVC. In the following lines, I will talk about the ASP.NET Identity infrastructure. I will walk you through the main features of the framework, and show you how this system may be customized in order to serve different scenarios. 


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