Romulus Bucur

Romulus Bucur

Senior developer & PM @Siemens

The Two Sides Of An Interview

The overall perception of the interview process is that of a scenario in which the roles are, apparently, clearly defined. The interviewer and the interviewee entertain a relationship similar to that of a student and his examining teacher, giving rise to a classic academic setting. By contrast, the modern approach, considers that the roles go both ways. Throughout an interview, the parties act both as the interviewee and the interviewer.

“Legacy code” and the ways in which developers can overcome current limitations

The development lifecycle of software products is driven by the customers’ business needs. Software providers offer specific solutions that match customers’ needs, solutions which are correlated with the instruction level developers have and the technologies available on the market. New technological enhancements determine a quick deterioration rate for products. A product can become obsolete from the point of view of the technology it uses. Even if the business functionality corresponds to customers’ needs, the used technology may no longer reflect current demands.

Designing strong systems - some guiding marks

The strategies of software development have always been and will continue to be a permanent topic of debate and contradictions, which generates at the same time an environment favorable to important ideas. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity of dealing with different opinions and attitudes regarding this topic. 


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